Get the right size and type of heater for the job. Whether you need an electric heater to warm smaller spaces, a portable heat pump to warm an office, or a powerful indirect fired heater to warm a warehouse or large facility, we rent the right heater for the job. Not sure what you need? Call us and tell us about your heating needs.

Indirect heaters

Indirect Fired Heater Rentals

Indirect Fired heaters are powerful, industrial grade heaters. They can heat a large space quickly, but without the fumes you get with a direct fired heater. We rent Campo Blaze Turbo heaters... Read more →

Portable Heat Pumps – for Heating & Cooling

Portable Heat Pumps deliver about 3 times more heat per unit of electricity than other electric heaters, and they’re the safest of all heaters, since they eliminate fire danger. Our rental... Read more →

Electric/Salamander Heater Rental

Electric heaters are a good option for heating smaller areas. While they don’t have the heating capacity of our indirect-fired heaters, they are compact, odorless and don’t require a fuel... Read more →