Spot Coolers

For Temporary or Emergency Air Conditioning

Spot Cooler rentals in Dallas, Houston, Austin TXSpot coolers get the job done. Has your AC failed?  Do you have a room or work area that never seems to get enough air? Do you have computer equipment or medical supplies that need a controlled temperature? We can help.

With 24/7 on-site delivery and setup, we can fix your AC problems today.

When you need extra cooling, a spot cooler rental is a quick, affordable solution. The savings in energy costs can be substantial. It’s the difference between keeping a single server rack or an office area cool compared to air conditioning an entire building.


  • Easy installation: Our units require minimum installation, offering a quick and easy solution to cool problem areas.
  • Easy operation: The compressor includes high and low-pressure warnings and units move easily on swivel casters.
  • Easy maintenance: These portable cooling units use removable, washable air filters.

Our spot coolers are truly portable. They roll into place, and most of our units operate at standard electrical voltage. Warm air from the spot cooler is vented through an attached duct, allowing air to vent outside or into a drop ceiling.

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Spot Coolers

We rent 10,000 – 83,000 BTU spot coolers anywhere in Texas, any time. These units can cool spaces as small as 200 sq. ft. or as large as 2,100 sq. ft.

Our units are quiet, reliable and easy to operate.

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Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers are an energy efficient option that can cool areas by up to 20 degrees. They’re a great option for outdoor cooling, or cooling larger indoor areas, like a warehouse or workspace.

Don’t worry, our Port-a-cool systems work with no mist or spraying. They provide cool, filtered air.

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Portable Heating

We have a wide range of portable heaters, from electric heaters to warm smaller areas, to indirect fired heaters that provide up to 588,000 BTUs of heat.

Call us to find the right type and size heater for your job.

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