10 Things to Know Before Renting Portable Evaporative Cooler

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15 Aug
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Looking to keep cool in the searing Texas summer heat? A portable evaporative cooling (EVC) system is less expensive and energy-hungry than traditional portable air conditioning units and an inexpensive way to cool large areas without high utility bills. Before you run out and rent an EVC for your next event or to cool off your business/workplace, however, here are ten important things you need to know:

  1. Locations Suitable for an EVC System

Due to their eco-friendly and energy-efficient design, EVCs are effective in almost any location where a normal fan can be placed. Outdoor cafes, repair shops, factory spaces, churches, grocery stores and almost anywhere else you want to cool the ambient air temperature is ideal for setting up an EVC.

  1. Local Climates Appropriate for an EVC System

High temperatures with low humidity are the best climate for using an EVC, and users have reported temperature reductions as high as 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit even on days when the prevailing weather conditions were extremely warm. The dry heat of Texas in the summer makes almost any location perfect for cooling with an EVC.

  1. Benefits of Choosing an EVC System

Deciding to use an EVC over a portable AC system to keep an area cool may seem like choosing second best, but there are many benefits to setting up an EVC that make it the smarter choice. Here are a few examples:

  • Energy Efficiency

Most EVCs consume about as much energy as a ceiling fan or large area circulation fan. There isn’t a portable air conditioning solution that can offer that.

  • No Increase in Carbon Footprint

Ecologically conscious businesses looking to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint are the ideal customer for an EVC. If environmentally-friendly cooling solutions are important to you, your team and your customers, an EVC is definitely the way to go.

  • Doesn’t Contribute to Air Pollution

Portable air conditioners have a significant drawback in terms of air pollutants, particularly if their filters are not changed regularly. Conversely, an EVC uses a much more effective filtration system to keep dirt, pollen and other airborne or odor-causing pollutants out of the air. Better air quality means a better environment for everyone at your facility, employees and customers alike.

  • Practical, Portable and Cost-Effective

Here’s how using an EVC works: rent your EVC, from preferred climate solutions, wait for delivery, ask us to wheel it to where it will offer the greatest cooling impact, and power it up. That’s it. We’ll make sure the filter is clean and the reservoir is filled before we go. Your electric bill won’t go through the roof, we do all the heavy lifting, and you can place an EVC anywhere you’d place a fan for better air circulation.

  • Doesn’t dry out the air

AC units work by pushing the indoor air outdoors and filling the space with cool air. The problem is that fresh air coming in is dry as a bone, which can make for an unpleasant climate in terms of air quality. Renting an EVC instead of using a portable AC unit helps keep the air at a comfortable level of humidity and temperature without drying the air out. In hot, dry climates like Texas, this is a win-win scenario.

  1. Potential Drawbacks of EVC Systems

There are a few drawbacks to consider when renting an EVC. First, they aren’t as effective at cooling spaces in humid climates. They can’t drop the indoor temperature as significantly as they would in more arid climates. Additionally, EVCs require easy access to water continuously to keep functioning. If you live in an area where water use is a concern, an EVC may not be the best option.

  1. The Key Differences Between Portable Air Cooler and Standard A/C

EVCs diffuse water to cool the air in open or enclosed spaces without using refrigerants. Portable A/C units are typically not effective in open spaces, require more energy and cost more to rent and operate. If you are looking to save money and cool space for an event or a season using economically and ecologically sound principles, an EVC us the way to go.

  1. How to Calculate What Size EVC You Need for Space

Calculate the volume of your space by multiplying the length by the width by the height. Measurements must be taken in meters. Write that number down. A normal space at average occupancy needs to replace the air about 20 times per hour or every three minutes. Multiply that number by the volume of the room, and you get the cubic meters per hour (CMH) needed.

For example, a crowded room (25-40 times/hour exchange time) with a volume of 100 cubic meters requires a 3000 CMH of cooling power. The best option here to offer superior coverage is to rent two EVCs with at least a 1500 CMH capacity and place them in the room for maximum efficiency.

  1. Important Features Essential to Effective Operation

When your EVC is delivered, it is important to ensure you thoroughly understand all features and functions. Learn the control panel, locate the cooling pads, verify you know how to refill the water tank and read the gauges. Additionally, make sure you know if the unit is a fan or blower type so you can place it properly. Last but not least, check to see if there are ice compartments that need to be filled and be certain not to overfill them.

  1. How To Clean an EVC System

If you’re renting from Preferred Climate Solutions this shouldn’t come up as an issue for you since we will be maintaining the equipment. However, if you will be running the unit for an extended period, it is best to familiarize yourself with how to clean the filters, pads and other components that need routine maintenance. Should something go wrong, you may be able to deal with a simple problem on your own instead of waiting for our technicians.

  1. Regular Maintenance Schedule for EVC Systems

All EVCs need servicing a minimum of twice per year. Naturally, since our units are rented out to clients, they receive maintenance and cleaning far more often than the minimum requirement.

  1. How To Choose The Right EVC System for Your Needs

Calculate the CMH for space you want to cool with your EVC. Using that measurement and your expected occupancy, give the experts at Preferred Climate Solutions a call. We can help you choose how many EVCs you need, which CMH capacity is best and what unit placement will provide the best results.

Need an EVC for your venue, cafe, or outdoor/indoor event? Contact us today for more information about our EVC rental program.

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