10 Things You May Not Know About Evaporative Air Coolers

19 May
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Evaporative air coolers are an excellent way to beat the heat without a central air conditioning system. Understanding how they work is an essential part of determining whether or not they are right for your home.

The following are 10 things you may not know about evaporative air coolers.

What They Are

Evaporative air coolers are air conditioners that use evaporation to cool the temperature of the air. Water turns from a liquid to a gas when it evaporates, and the particles with the highest energy will leave the water first. This leads to a significant drop in temperature. This process can help lower the temperature of the air in dry environments.

How They Work

An evaporative air cooler works by lowering the temperature of the air in your home by automating the process of evaporation. The machine will consist of a fan, reservoir for water, padding and controls to regulate the results. Hot, dry air is drawn into the machine by the fans and goes across the padding. The pads have layers to absorb water from the reservoir. When the air goes across the padding, the molecules of water evaporate on the surface. This causes the temperature of the air within the cooler to drop significantly. This cold air is then blown into your room, providing a sufficient amount of cooling.

They are Energy Efficient

Evaporative air coolers require much less energy to operate in comparison to central air conditioning systems. The fan within an evaporative air cooler is the only part that requires power. A central air conditioning system must use a compressor to push down the liquid refrigerant into a smaller area. The refrigerant then needs to be moved to a heat exchanger to extract the heat from the air. This process requires more power output in order to operate properly.

They are Sustainable

Since evaporative air coolers require less energy to operate, they are more sustainable for the environment. This means that you will have a much smaller carbon footprint, and can save a considerable amount of money when paying for your electrical bills.

Opening Windows

The goal of a central air conditioning system is to trap the cold air within your home. This means that it is counterintuitive to leave any windows or doors open within your home. The cold air will escape, and defeat the purpose of the air conditioner. It is actually advantageous to leave your windows open when using an evaporative air cooler. They need a stream of fresh air to operate, and an open window can provide this air. The intake fan will draw dry air into the cooler to evaporate. Humidified air will build up from the use of an evaporative air cooler, and an open window can allow this undesirable air to escape. Try experimenting with the window to see how much of it you should leave open for optimal comfort.

Do Not Use Ice

The use of ice in addition to water can slow down the process of evaporation, and make it take much longer for cool air to come out. The water actually needs to be heated up in order for it to evaporate, and the use of ice will prevent this from happening quickly. However, there are water reservoirs that are equipped with an ice pack that can be used.

Replenish the Water Supply

If you stop using your evaporative air cooler for an extended period of time, the water within the reservoir can start to build up with mildew and mold. Regularly replace the water and clean the reservoir to help prevent this from happening. This will allow it to function properly, and provide you with clean, cool air.

Get the Correct Size

Different sizes of evaporative air coolers are designed to cover different sizes of area within your home. You may find that smaller coolers are not suitable for your living area, so you may need to purchase multiple or a larger one. If you purchase a cooler that is too large, it could cause your living area to become too cold for comfort. The manufacturers will provide you with a recommendation for how large the area should be for the cooler.

Can Be Used as a Fan

Evaporative air coolers can be used in the same way that you would use a commercial-grade fan. This can be achieved by simply not adding water to the reservoir. The heavy-duty fan may provide you with the comfort you desire in an indoor or outdoor setting.


Most evaporative air coolers are easy to transport, so they can fit a variety of needs. You can take them camping, use them for breaks when hiking, sporting events or just bringing them to a different area in your home. An added benefit to this is that they will naturally repel bugs when used outdoors.


Knowing the important information about evaporative air coolers can help you decide if they are the right choice for your home. Energy efficiency and sustainability are some of the greatest benefits of using them. This will greatly reduce your impact on the environment, and save you money on electrical bills. There are several ways that you can maximize your usage of them by keeping a nearby window open to bring in the fresh air, regularly replenish the water reservoir with clean water, getting the correct size and avoiding the use of ice. They are incredibly convenient, because of their small size and portability. This makes them an excellent choice for people that are always on the go and need an extra source of cooling. Even if you do not use them as designed, they can be used as a commercial-grade fan. While it can be a hassle to maintain in comparison to a central air conditioning system because of having to replenish the water, the money you save can be well worth it.

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