What is a spot cooler

Pros And Cons Of Air Cooled Vs. Water Cooled Spot Coolers

There are two different types of commercial spot coolers to consider: Air cooled and water cooled. Water cool units require water to help cool warm air, while air-cooled units convert warm air into cool air with an icy cold coil. Here are the pros and cons for each air cooled and water cooled spot coolers…. Read more »

How spot cooler works

Personal Spot Coolers vs. Commercial Spot Coolers – Which Are Better?

Spot coolers are amazing appliances to help you stay cool inside of a garage, workshop, basement, or tented area outdoors. But the lines still might be unclear when it comes to whether or not you might need a commercial spot cooler or a personal spot cooler, because not all living and working conditions are similar… Read more »

Spot coolers

Should You Rent Or Buy A Spot Cooler?

Spot coolers are great to have for many different occasions, from outdoor events to business conferences that last a whole weekend. These coolers can even be useful in the event of a power outage or another emergency situation. When it comes to spotting coolers, you can choose between owning one forever or borrowing one for… Read more »

Event AC

How To Choose The Best Air Conditioner For Tent?

Whether it is for an outdoor event or for sleeping outside, having an air conditioner is important to keep yourself dry, cool and comfortable if you are looking to be inside your tent for lengthy periods of time. Without anything to cool you from inside your tent, you will be perspiring nonstop under hot and… Read more »