What is a spot cooler

5 Ways Portable Spot Cooler Rentals Keep Retailers In Business

No retailer in their right mind wants to close up for the day because their air conditioning is broken. You lose potential revenue every second your doors are closed, your employees lose hours, and if you sell food or perishable products there is a high potential for loss due to spoilage in high temperatures. The… Read more »

How spot cooler works

Spot Coolers For Outdoor Events: What Size Do You Need?

To make your outdoor event a success, it’s important to make sure that you have the right size spot cooler for the job. Most event planners don’t have a tremendous amount of experience with making that determination, and this can drive up the cost of your event by ordering a unit bigger than they need…. Read more »

Event AC

7 Tips To Cool Tented Events In Texas

Renting a tent for outdoor events is always a sound plan, but how you keep that tent cool in the Texas summer heat is less obvious. Here are some tips for keeping your tented event cool even in summer. Stay In The Shade A tent may be a portable shelter to create shade, but if… Read more »

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Tips For Throwing A Successful Wedding Reception – Even In Bad Weather

A successful wedding day takes extensive planning and preparation, and making a reception just as successful is an even greater challenge. Outdoor receptions are especially complex because the weather plays a large role in how the day plays out. Hot weather, cold weather, and precipitation are luck of the draw depending on the season of… Read more »