5 Ways Portable Spot Cooler Rentals Keep Retailers In Business

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22 May
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No retailer in their right mind wants to close up for the day because their air conditioning is broken. You lose potential revenue every second your doors are closed, your employees lose hours, and if you sell food or perishable products there is a high potential for loss due to spoilage in high temperatures.

The good news for retailers is a solution exists to keep your doors open and prevent any perishable goods from spoiling: portable spot coolers. Here are just a few of the ways renting portable spot coolers can preserve your revenue and product in the event of an HVAC failure.

  1. Customers Stay Cool In The Heat

People don’t want to spend time in an unbearably hot store, and most will leave without making a purchase or get only what they need and leave immediately. It’s not just the heat either, but also the poor air circulation and humidity that accumulates when your ventilation system is out of commission. Keep your customers comfortable with portable spot coolers, and you won’t see a decline in business or sales.

  1. Employees Stay Cool And Can Continue Working

Workers don’t want to be at work if the air in their workspace is stifling. Being hot and sticky from high heat and humidity does not put anyone in a good mood, and it is difficult to maintain a high level of customer service when you are physically miserable. Having spot coolers up and running while your HVAC is repaired ensures you don’t lose business because your workers are cranky, or because they are calling out sick to avoid the heat.

  1. Keeps Your Store Safer For Customers And Workers Alike

Personal comfort aside, it isn’t safe to run a retail establishment in the summer heat without some sort of cooling solution. Customers may come in dehydrated or suffering from heat exhaustion and pass out or suffer heat stroke. The same could be said of employees who are forced to work in extremely hot conditions, and an environment like this can quickly lead to formal complaints and surprise visits from OSHA inspectors. Using a temporary solution like spot coolers reduces the chance there would be a safety hazard or an incident caused by a safety hazard in your store.

  1. Reduces Product Spoilage

Most portable electronics that run on batteries are not supposed to be stored in environments over a certain temperature, and if you sell chocolate bars or other candy, you can be certain large quantities of both will need to be thrown away should your HVAC fail for an extended time period. Putting in spot coolers keeps everything at safe storage temperature, reducing potential losses due to spoilage.

  1. Minimizes Lost Revenue

Losing potential sales dollars and revenue because your air conditioning broke down in the middle of summer can be catastrophic for small businesses. Renting spot coolers may incur some expense, but it is often far less than the financial loss due to closure and spoilage.

If your retail business has an air conditioning failure, contact the spot cooler experts at Preferred Climate Solutions. Our team has all the experience and knowledge you need to get your store cooled down and open for business again. Call or visit our website today for more information.

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