As the weather heats up, staying cool becomes much more of a challenge. Ideally, your interior spaces will already have air conditioning installed. However, if they don’t, you can rent A/C from us instead. 

At Preferred Climate Solutions, we have a variety of air conditioning rental options for your home or business. Whether you’re trying to keep the office cool, hosting an outdoor event or just need a break from the heat, we can help. Best of all, we offer 24/7 delivery and service so that you can be comfortable all day every day. 

Here are some of the types of air conditioning units you can rent from us. 

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How spot cooler works

Spot Coolers

If you’re familiar with a space heater, then you understand how a spot cooler works. Rather than using heating coils to blow hot air around the room, a condenser blows fresh air wherever you need it most. 

At Preferred Climate Solutions, we know how intense the Texas heat can get, which is why we rent spot coolers of all sizes. Whether you need air conditioning for 200 square feet or 2,000, we’ll bring the right machine for the job. Also, with our 24/7 delivery, you can call us day or night.

Event A/C

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor events. However, while you can shield yourself and your guests from the sun, the ambient heat can pose quite a few problems. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, corporate barbecue or an outdoor concert, air conditioning can make or break the event. 

We have mobile conditioning trailers that will pump cold air into your venue space. Our units work well with tents, making them the ideal solution for events of all shapes and sizes. We can also blow cold air into indoor areas that don’t have sufficient airflow, such as barns or warehouses.

Evaporative Coolers

One of the best methods of cooling off is evaporation. For example, when you step out of a hot shower, your body feels colder as the water turns to steam. Our evaporative cooling units work similarly, and they can reduce the ambient temperature of a room by up to 20 degrees. 

You may be familiar with these units by the term “swamp cooler,” but our models are much more efficient. They can fit into any size space and deliver cold air quickly and reliably. We also have industrial-strength units that work well for warehouses, factory floors and anywhere else where machinery generates a lot of heat.

Event Air Conditioning

Power Breezer Fans

One of the simplest methods for staying cool in the Texas heat is with a fan. However, when you have crowds of people to consider, a standard box fan won’t cut it. Instead, rent one of our Power Breezer fans. 

These machines are heavy-duty and can push up to 14,000 CFM of air. These fans are perfect for sporting events or other outdoor gatherings where a standard air conditioner won’t work. We have three sizes available to fit your needs. 

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Don’t let the heat ruin your summer plans. With A/C rentals from Preferred Climate Solutions, you can enjoy the weather no matter what. We can help you find the right machine to fit your situation, so call us today to find out more.