Spot Coolers are portable air conditioners that deliver a jet of cold air where you need it the most, reducing the need to cool the whole building. We rent 10,000 – 83,000 BTU spot coolers anywhere in Texas, any time. These units can cool spaces as small as 200 sq. ft. or as large as 2,100 sq. ft. Let us know your needs. We’ll deliver a spot cooler that does the job, with on-site delivery and setup.

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What is a spot cooler

What is a Spot Cooler?

As the name implies, a spot cooler is a portable air conditioner designed to cool a “hot spot” in an office, factory, laboratory, hospital or any place that needs to be cooled. Spot coolers direct a jet of cool air where you need it the most. With spot cooling, you avoid the cost and discomfort involved in cooling the entire room or building. Computer data centers use spot coolers to cool server racks. Hospitals use them to keep medical supplies and equipment cool and to keep patients comfortable. Factories use them to cool overheating equipment or workspaces. And offices use them to keep workers happy when the normal air conditioning isn’t doing the job. Spot coolers are also used in an emergency when a building’s primary air conditioning fails or undergoes maintenance. Spot coolers are self-contained. They roll into place and just need a 120V electrical supply.

Reliable Spot Coolers

We offer compact, reliable spot coolers. These are world-class HVAC units that get the job done. These spot coolers can cool areas ranging from 250 sq. ft. to 2,100 sq. ft. That means that a single spot cooler can often do the job. However, a lot depends on what (or who) you’re trying to cool. Our team can recommend a unit that will do the job.
How spot cooler works

How Do Spot Coolers Work?

A spot cooler works just like the air conditioner in your home: it cools air by running it over coils containing a chilled refrigerant. The refrigerant is then run to a compressor, which compresses it to a hot liquid inside a coil. A fan blows over the hot coil to exhaust warm air. The refrigerant is then decompressed, which chills its temperature again and allows it to cool your room. In your home, the compressor is placed outside the house. In a spot cooler, the compressor is inside the spot cooler itself and the warm air is discharged through a tube or duct. The duct can be run outside of the building, or in many cases, it can vent into a drop ceiling to get the warm air out of your room. As the spot cooler chills the air, it will also remove moisture from it. The moisture will accumulate in a condensation tank that you will need to drain periodically. Our spot coolers feature digital controls that make it easy to set the temperature and blower speed. Most units come with a remote control.