Today’s evaporative cooling can dramatically bring down the temperature of any outdoor or partially enclosed area, quietly, unobtrusively, with custom positioning, and using household electricity at a cost of around $1 per day.

This is not your grandmother’s swamp cooler!

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Evaporative cooler application

With no misting or sprays, quietly delivering cool, filtered air, the Portacool Jetstream coolers can bring the temperature down by more than 20 degrees in any outdoors or non-cooled location, from a lawn party or poolside to an outside group photograph, from a plane hangar to a pavilion, from a workshop or warehouse to a horse stable.

Portacoool swamp cooler
Portacool’s Jetstream portable evaporative coolers come in different power ranges for your particular application, and can bring immediate relief to locations from 1,000 square feet up to more than 5,000 square feet of area.

Residential, farm, entertainment, sports, athletics, workshop and industrial settings all benefit from directed, area-specific cooling that keeps people and animals safe and cool. Use it where there is no climate control, or to provide additional cooling to help an existing system overloaded by crowds or intensive operations. You can even cool down a line of people waiting to get inside out of the heat!

Which One Do I Need?

Portacool JetStream 240
1,125 sq ft (33 x 34 feet) – uses less energy than a standard household toaster

Portacool JetStream 250
2,125 sq ft (46 x 46 feet) – same energy use as a small standard household appliance

Portacool JetStream 260
3,125 sq ft (55 x 55 feet) – approximately the same power as a standard wet/dry vacuum

Portacool JetStream 270
5,625 sq ft (75 x 75 feet) – Whole-shop cooling at a fraction of the operating cost of traditional air conditioning

Portacool JetStream 230
900 s.f. / 84 m2

Portacool JetStream 220
700 s.f. / 65 m2

For a full 8-hour day, the average daily operational cost to run a PORTACOOL® unit is only $1.00 per day!

Why be cool

Why Be Cool?

Heat is a killer. It’s well proven and precisely measured how everything slows down when it’s hot. Concentration and efficiency diminish and the body fights to stay cool. Tasks take longer, and the risk of mistakes goes through the roof. Good clothes get uncomfortable, meetings get hurried. Shipping warehouses can’t fulfill orders, horses suffer heatstroke, mechanics hurt themselves, people get sick, everyone gets stressed, and the cost of everything goes up.

Heat MUST be remediated, but we can’t just enclose everything and install air conditioning.

The solution is temporary, portable evaporative cooling delivered precisely where it’s needed, when it’s needed. No installation costs, no environmentally troublesome Freon to worry about, no special supplies except for tap water and a little bit of electricity.

Portacool’s Jetstream coolers are the answer for all places and occasions that don’t require full-time, constant-level climate control – or that can’t justify the cost, but could really use some cooling. And that includes the outdoors, where you never thought you could cool things down.

How to Use Portable Cooling?

Portacool® Jetream™ evaporative coolers deliver Fresh Air that’s cool. Portacool’s proprietary Kuul® evaporative media is manufactured in the USA from unique, high-quality raw materials, to ensure that the air is getting cleaned as well as cooled.

Encased in tough plastic bodies, each cooler is mounted on sturdy casters to wheel around at need. Point it at the area you want cooled – in the middle of the great outdoors or in the corner of an unused building. Just plug it in, and here comes cool, fresh air, in relative silence. It’s that simple.