Event Air Conditioning units are outside portable A/C units that duct cool air into an event space for heat remediation and climate control.

Stackable, trailer-mountable, powerful and controlled by your inside thermostat, event AC units allow you to hold your special event almost anywhere and keep everyone cool.

We rent 5-ton, 10-ton, and 25-ton AC units everywhere in Texas – at your service day or night, 24/7. We offer onsite delivery and setup.

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What Type of Events?

Event air conditioning is used for marquee tents for wedding receptions, corporate retreat events, spectator hospitality, and numerous outdoor location gatherings which require climate-controlled areas for people to remain comfortable.

Sporting and athletic facilities with no permanent climate control require event AC during special training or hot-season events. Entertainment gatherings, events with additional heat sources crowd surges may require additional Event AC units to supplement the existing system.

Product launches and hobbyist meets in temporary structures require event air conditioning. Open-sided structures, unused overflow building space for teaching or gatherings, all become usable with temporary climate control.

Barns, historic buildings not in use, photoshoots, PR occasions – these are all temporary settings that have no climate control and may make use of temporary event air conditioning.

Specialized Portable AC Units

We offer PCS custom manufactured event air conditioning units that are industry state of the art.

The units have internal transformers and power distribution so they won’t drag your power source down. They can be used in cold outside temperatures without freezing up.

The units are stackable and can mount on trailers, so the application is scalable with more or fewer units as need. The PCS units are powerful and rugged enough to remain indefinitely in a temporary-to-permanent situation.

Event Air Conditioning

What is Event Air Conditioning?

While Spot Coolers provide pinpoint cooling to specific spots, Event AC needs to cool an entire structure usually for a temporary purpose, although they can be installed for permanent and long-term uses also.

Our event AC units use ducting to flow air into the tent or building. They’re controlled by thermostat from the inside. And they have internal electrical controls to prevent surges or breaker tripping that would affect the outside power source.

With an adequate power supply, you plug in and go. The 20-inch diameter ducting snaps easily to the AC unit and is run to its optimum location in the structure.