Designed to cool outdoor spaces or larger indoor areas, Power Breezer fans are an effective and economical cooling solution. They work well for warehouses, factories or other workspaces. With their high performance and simple power requirements, they’re also a popular option for cooling sports fields or outdoor events.

These fans cool areas of up to 3,000 square feet by up to 27 degrees with fans capable of moving 14,000 CFM.

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Power Breezer Fans

Power Breezer fans are self-contained and run off standard voltage using less electricity than a hair dryer.

Plus, they fall within OSHA and U.S. Military safety standards for permissible noise levels, generating roughly 71-74dB at 20 feet distance.

With lower maintenance than a traditional swamp cooler, Power Breezer units use a self-contained water tank. These units don’t use nozzles that can clog or corrugated air filters.

Power Breezer fans are an environmentally-friendly solution, and do not use chemical coolants such as Freon. You’ll get a cool, dry, breeze of jet air.