Face it, Texas has floods. We know, we’re Texas born and raised.

Whether your water damage comes from a hurricane or a leaky pipe, we rent commercial-strength dehumidifiers for building restoration.

When you have water damage, you need to remove the moisture fast, so restoration work can begin. Prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to problems, including mold growth. Our powerful Dri-Eaz dehumidifiers can extract 30% more moisture from the air than our competitors.

Let us know your needs. We’ll enough dehumidifiers to do the job, with on-site delivery and setup.

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High Performance Dri-Eaz Dehumidifiers

We rent Dri-Eaz LGR dehumidifiers, including the Dri-Eaz 7000XLI/Evolution.

LGR stands is Low Grain Refrigerant, an enhanced refrigeration system that allows our dehumidifiers to dry a space to a lower humidity level than conventional dehumidifiers. They feature Advanced Crossflow Technology to maximize efficiency, plus built-in sensors that automatically adjust fan speeds for optimal drying.

These units are quiet and efficient. They’re portable, rolling into place and plugging into a standard voltage outlet. These dehumidifiers are simple to operate, and come with a 40’ drain line that you can run to the nearest drain.

The exact amount of water we can remove depends on the temperature and relative humidity of your space.

Besides their use in water remediation, these dehumidifiers are used in construction to help dry paint or cure concrete. Offices and worksites use them to keep a comfortable working environment. Even museums use them to control humidity that might harm precious artwork.

Model LGR 7000XLi
CMF 400
Water Removal 130 pints / day
Volts 115
Amps 8.3