Rental heating and cooling is just a phone call away, available 24/7 anywhere in Texas – we bring it to you and set it up. Handle temporary or immediate needs without buying permanent equipment or installation. We supply supplemental heating or cooling for hot or cold spots in buildings, for construction and industrial special tasks, and as substitutes during outages – including generators if needed!

Swamp coolers

Emergency Cooling

An emergency can range from all-out devastation to a surprise event that calls for extraordinary response, or an unusual surge in weather conditions. When you need cooling for an emergency... Read more →

Emergency Heating

The most common call for emergency heating happens when an existing system breaks, but it can also come from sudden weather changes or an unexpected event that requires an extraordinary response... Read more →

Construction Drying & Curing

Whether you’re building a concrete structure, painting a home, or curing wood, heat is essential to a range of construction activities. Yet it’s not always easy to obtain, especially if you... Read more →

Indirect heaters

Warehouse Heating

Heating a large industrial facility is never easy, but it’s especially difficult for warehouses. Given their enormous interior space, the high risk of air leaks, and the common presence of... Read more →

Campo Blaze 200D Turbo Indirect Fired Heater

Construction Heater Rentals

When you utilize temporary electric or indirect fired heaters, you can overcome challenging worksite conditions that would otherwise derail your progress. When harsh weather conditions or other... Read more →

Indirect Fired Heaters

Industrial Heating & Drying

Achieving efficiency and safety in an industrial workplace is never easy, simply because so many things can go wrong. Not only must you create a comfortable working environment, but you must... Read more →