Airplane hangars at most airfields aren’t built for climate control. These buildings are designed to house aircraft and protect them from the natural elements year round. If you are operating a charter airline, this presents a unique challenge in the summer months, as the Texas sun can be merciless and the interior temperature of your hangars can exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is an uncomfortable environment even for seasoned pilots, and your clients that charter service with you are unlikely to take a positive view of waiting to board a hot aircraft while sitting in an even hotter hangar. Moreover, your maintenance crews and pilots need a cool environment while maintaining your hard-working aircraft in optimal condition to ensure safe and efficient flights that meet FAA and FTA requirements. Fortunately, you can alleviate this problem with portable spot coolers from Preferred Climate Solutions.

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What is a spot cooler

Portable Spot Coolers Keeps Your Crew and Customers Cool

Like a home or residential AC units, portable spot coolers can be placed anywhere there is electricity inside your hangar or hangars to keep the air cool and your workers and clientele comfortable even at the height of summer heat. We offer many sizes and power options to suit any contingency or need. Do you only need AC for your office and waiting area? We’ve got a unit for that. Looking to keep your technicians cool while they perform mandatory maintenance? We can help.

What matters most is keeping your planes flying and earning while your workers and customers enjoy a safe and healthy environment inside your aviation facility. If you can’t keep your hangar cool for your people and your paying customers, it’s going to be hard to retain your skilled staff and get repeat business from clients.  When the weather outside overwhelms your existing cooling solution, a portable spot cooler can be a real lifesaver for customers while preventing workplace injuries and illnesses.

What We Offer

Preferred Climate Solutions stocks spot coolers that will provide exemplary effective service regardless of how much or how little cooling you need. Some are the size of a mini-fridge and can run on a standard 110-volt current. Some are the size of a light pickup truck and have their own built-in generator. With your spot cooler rental, we also provide a trained air conditioning and power specialist who will install your rented cooler wherever you want and ensure it can be operated safely and effectively where you need things cooled down.

How spot cooler works

We Offer Emergency Cooling, Too!

Sometimes you need cooling in emergency situations, too. Power outages, severe weather conditions, and natural disasters can happen at any time. Even if your aircraft is grounded, you still need to keep those hangars and outbuildings cool and comfortable for clients and for your workers. Preferred Climate Solutions has you covered with portable spot coolers you can place anywhere on site even when your existing cooling solutions are shut down or malfunctioning.

No electricity? No problem! Our highly trained cooling professionals will bring along some generators and have an AC solution up and running in no time. Give us a call or click on the Contact Us link to find out more about how we can provide you with the emergency air conditioning you need in the event of an HVAC breakdown or power outage.