From Wood Curing To Concrete Drying: Portable Heaters From Preferred Climate Solutions

Whether you’re building a concrete structure, painting a home, or curing wood, heat is essential to a range of construction activities. Yet it’s not always easy to obtain, especially if you operate in remote areas. Preferred Climate Solutions offers a range of electric and indirect fired heaters for rent. From the Chromalox SuperDragon to the Mosebach HX60 to the full Campo Blaze Turbo line, we carry the most advanced portable heaters on the market, providing efficient heating for any location.

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Who Needs Portable Heat?

Considering Texas’s climate, it seem strange that businesses need portable heaters. But in the construction industry, it’s often necessary to achieve temperatures far higher than the Lone Star State’s environment can deliver. Consider how much heat it takes to:

  • Cure Concrete- Concrete must be kept above 50 degrees Fahrenheit for between three and fourteen days. This is a problem during the winter and in colder areas of Texas.
  • Prepare Wood- Concrete isn’t the only construction material that needs high temperatures. Certain types of wood also need to be heated before construction, both to dry them out and to kill pests living inside.
  • Dry Paint- While high temperatures are not absolutely necessary to dry new paint, they do speed up the process. As a result, construction companies that need to build and paint quickly can benefit immensely from heaters.

Construction companies are particularly likely to need portable heaters if they operate in cool areas of the state. Much of West Texas and the Panhandle, for example, are highly elevated, exposing them to lower temperatures and making curing and drying more difficult.

How Our Portable Heaters Work

Preferred Climate Solutions rents out two main types of portable heaters, namely:

  • Indirect Fired Heaters – Suitable for jobs that need very high temperatures spread over large areas, indirect fired heaters use diesel, propane, or natural gas to heat a steel exchanger. Air then flows through the interior of the exchanger, causing it to heat up without directly exposing it to the gas. These units can warm air up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit and deliver it as much as 150 feet away.
  • Electric Heaters – These heaters blow air over an electric coil, which can rapidly warm it up to as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. They are suitable for jobs that require lower levels of heat spread out over a smaller space. Because they rely on electricity, they have the advantage of not producing any harmful fumes or odors.

In addition to heaters, Preferred Climate Solutions rents out portable generators. This allows you to use our electric heaters even in locations where you don’t have access to the electric grid.

Heater Options for Your Business

Preferred Climate Solutions offers a variety of heating units for construction drying and curing, including the:

Model Campo Blaze 200D TURBO Campo BLAZE 400D TURBO Campo BLAZE 600D TURBO Chromalox DRA15 Salamander Chromalox DRA30 Salamander Chromalox SDRA60 SuperDragon Mosebach HX60
Specifications An indirect fired heater, this device can deliver up to 175,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of heat at a rate of 3,200 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Also relying on indirect firing, this heater offers 396,000 BTUs at 5,500 CFM. This indirect fired heater can distribute 588,000 BTUs at 6,500 CFM. This electric heater offers 51,000 BTUs. An electric heater, this device delivers 102,000 BTUs. This electric device provides up to 204,000 BTUs of heat. An electric heater that blows air at 2,400 CFM, this device delivers 205,000 BTUs of energy.

For more information on heaters for construction and other commercial purposes, contact Preferred Climate Solutions today.