When you utilize temporary electric or indirect fired heaters, you can overcome challenging worksite conditions that would otherwise derail your progress. When harsh weather conditions or other challenges come your way, you can acquire a swift resolution by acquiring rental construction heaters.

Selecting rental heating units allows you to skip the expense of buying equipment or installing large-scale solutions. You can simply rent the right heaters for the job to resolve the conditions that prohibit jobsite progress.

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We supply rental heaters to commercial and residential construction, manufacturing, office and event professionals. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your project moving forward.

Acquire Rental Construction Heaters Right Now

Preferred Climate Solutions offers electric and indirect fired construction heaters for rent right when you identify the need for our support. We provide rush delivery to your jobsite, day or night, to help you complete your projects by the deadline. Give us a call at 888-466-7180 to talk to our experts and set up a delivery time.

Applications: Construction heater rentals

Rental Heaters for All Construction Jobs

We can deliver and set up electric and indirect fired heaters for professionals in every industry, including the construction, industrial, hospital, office and event fields. While working out in the cold weather in open areas or unfinished buildings, our construction heaters will help keep you and your team warm. Our heaters will also allow your building materials to dry and cure within the time limit assigned for that task.

If you want to keep a limited area warm and dry without affecting adjacent spaces, our electric rental heaters will fulfill this need. Indirect fired heaters maintain warmth in a much larger space, even in the absence of walls and other insulating barriers. We can assess the needs of your team and project to help you find and acquire the perfect rental heaters for the job.

How Rental Construction Heaters Work

The right construction heater setup helps workers keep moving forward with their tasks, so you can complete your projects by the deadline. We offer both electric and indirect fired heater rental for your jobs.


Electric heaters work best for small scale projects in enclosed areas. The electric heaters plug into your existing outlets at the jobsite or hook up directly to your onsite generators. Although these plug-in heaters do not offer long range heating, they provide sustained dry heat that keeps temperatures stable across extended periods.

Indirect Fired

Indirect fired heaters utilize dual chambers to turn cool air into clean heat in an instant. The system recirculates air to keep temperatures stable for the long term. This design also provides increased efficiency over electric heaters. These heaters generate clean air that meets the standards employed in industrial and hospital settings.

For both heater types, you can utilize ductwork to transport heat to hard to reach areas in need of heating solutions. We will assist with the setup of your heating units, so you can achieve the goals required for completion of your project.

Campo, Chromalox and Mosebach Heater Rentals

To provide the best construction heaters in the industry, we offer systems from Campo, Chromalox and Mosebach.

Model Campo Blaze 200 D/G Turbo Campo BLAZE 400D TURBO Campo BLAZE 600D TURBO Chromalox DRA15 Salamander Chromalox DRA30 Salamander Chromalox SDRA-60-RG Mosebach HX60
Specifications With an output of 175,000 BTU/h, the Blaze 200 D/G Turbo indirect fired heater boasts an 86% efficiency rating while discharging max temperatures of 290F. This 3,250 CFM heater easily maintains its temperature output through 150 feet of ductwork without the need for thermal cycling. With its 280,000 to 396,000 BTUs and 5,500 CFM outputs, the Campo Blaze 400D Turbo quickly reaches your ideal temperature while staying whisper quiet. This system is highly adaptable to changing indoor and outdoor work environments, including areas with overloaded power systems. The Campo Blaze 600D Turbo cranks up the heat output with its impressive 588,000 BTU and 6,500 CFM ratings. Whisper quick operation, 21 hour runtime and redundant failsafe systems make this heater an obvious choice for demanding work environments. The Chromalox DRA 15 salamander blower heater maintains set temperatures in enclosed areas with ceilings up to 15 feet. This electric heater system quickly heats and dries the air, so you can cure concrete, thaw pipes or keep workers warm as they complete their tasks. With its precise heating cylinder and strong blower, the Chromalox DRA 30 utilizes electricity to produce high heat outputs for industrial or construction settings. You can easily set the temperature and move the heater into position without worry about open flames, fuel storage or installation requirements. Rated at 60kW for an output of up to 240,720 BTU/h, the Chromalox SDRA-60-RG rapidly produces dry heat at 180 degrees Fahrenheit on a consistent basis. The welded steel frame and rolling casters allow for quick, precise positioning in any area that requires warmth, including event tents, manufacturing plants or partially constructed buildings. The Mosebach HX60 boasts 205,000 BTU/h and 2,400 CFM output to produce heat up to 50 feet away when channeled through ductwork. This electric heating system works well in open outdoor areas and even features a remote for precise control on the go.

If you are unsure about which heater type and size to select, our team of experts can help you identify and acquire the best rental heater for your needs.