Computer server and database facilities are notorious for generating a terrific amount of heat and require significant amounts of cooling to keep everything running under optimal temperature conditions. Too much heat, and data storage can be damaged. Your business depends on safe and reliable data storage and continuous computer operation, so keeping your building cool is going to be a fundamental and non-negotiable business need.



The problem that afflicts most data centers and server facilities is HVAC systems work great most of the time for keeping everything in your facility cool and ventilated. Then summer in Texas rolls around and many HVAC systems can’t keep up with the high external heat and the massive amount of interior heat generated by your computer systems. You need a solution that can keep office spaces, server rooms, network equipment, and storage at the correct operating temperature no matter what weather conditions are like outside.



The good news is that Preferred Climate Solutions can ensure you keep your data and computer center operating at peak efficiency without overheating. Our portable spot coolers can be moved to areas where your existing HVAC is overwhelmed and keep those areas and rooms cool no matter how hot it gets outside.


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What is a spot cooler

Keep Those Servers And Databanks Cool With Portable Spot Coolers


Like a home or residential AC units, portable spot coolers can be placed anywhere there is electricity inside your data center or server facility. We offer many sizes and power options to suit any contingency or need. Do you only need AC for one or two small rooms that aren’t staying cool? We’ve got a unit for that. Looking to keep your technicians and system administrators cool in the office? We can help.



What matters most is keeping your computers and databases up and running for your clients. Even a single system failure or outage due to cooling issues can cost you dearly in terms of losing clients or failing to attract new business. Moreover,  it’s going to be hard to retain your skilled staff if they can’t stand to be in the building in the summer. When the weather outside overwhelms your existing cooling solution, a portable spot cooler can be a real lifesaver for keeping your systems online and your workers comfortable.

What We Offer


Preferred Climate Solutions stocks spot coolers that will provide exemplary effective service regardless of how much or how little cooling you need. Some are the size of a mini-fridge and can run on a standard 110-volt current. Some are the size of a light pickup truck and have their own built-in generator. With your spot cooler rental, we also provide a trained air conditioning and power specialist who will install your rented cooler wherever you want and ensure it can be operated safely and effectively where you need things cooled down.


How spot cooler works

Emergency Cooling Services


Sometimes you need cooling in emergency situations, too. Power outages, HVAC malfunctions, and severe weather conditions and natural disasters can happen at any time. Many data centers and server facilities have battery backup systems in the event of power outages, but you can’t run your HVAC  on battery power. Computers and storage devices running on emergency power will still need to be kept cool to prevent heat damage and data loss. Preferred Climate Solutions has you covered with portable spot coolers you can place anywhere on site even when your existing cooling solutions are shut down or malfunctioning.



No electricity? No problem! Our highly trained cooling professionals will bring along some generators and have an AC solution up and running in no time. Give us a call or click on the Contact Us link to find out more about how we can provide you with the emergency air conditioning you need in the event of an HVAC breakdown or power outage.