An emergency can range from all-out devastation to a surprise event that calls for extraordinary response, or an unusual surge in weather conditions.

When you need cooling for an emergency, it’s usually for a temporary time period, and usually needed right away.

Rental cooling systems are the answer to most needs. You want rapid delivery and setup by skilled personnel, and if electricity is a problem, you need a portable generator too.

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Our portable air conditioning units range from spot coolers that blast cold air to hot spots, to stackable or trailer-mounted external A/C units that duct into a building or tent, and everything in between, including next-generation evaporative units and systems that cool outdoor spaces.


We will rush emergency cooling to your location anywhere in Texas, day or night. First, let’s talk – let our experts advise the best solution for your needs over the phone.

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Rental units are built for portability and ease of deployment. Often designed for military performance, units are rugged, dependable and built for adverse conditions.

Rental units for emergency cooling are a scalable solution, allowing you to decrease or increase the number or size of the units as the situation either improves or calls for more intense response.

Spot Cooler solutions are made to cool down spaces from 200 sq. ft to more than 2,000 sq. ft. These units are self-contained and can easily be moved around on sturdy casters. They blow cool air where it’s needed most, without having to cool an entire building or enclosure.

Spot coolers are powerful and can work to keep people and machinery cool in intense activity, outdoors, in temporary structures, or anywhere there’s no existing, or not enough, cooling.

They plug into regular electricity, and vent their heat exhaust through a flexible hose that fits through a window assembly, tent flap, into a drop ceiling – anywhere separated from the cool zone.

Why be cool

Portable Swamp Coolers are low cost and high efficiency evaporative coolers that use proprietary filtration materials to deliver large volumes of cool, filtered air, with no misting or sprays. They run on household electricity and use ordinary tap water.

Our portable swamp coolers are fairly quiet and bring immediate relief to areas from 1,000 to 5,000 square feet – at little more than $1 per day in power consumption. They’re exceptionally good for the outdoors – patios, barns and stables, temporary staging areas, even places where people are standing in line or in a makeshift staging area.

Event AC

Event Air Conditioning is usually deployed for large structures such as buildings, open-sided shelters, marquee tents, and the like. These are stackable and trailer-mounted units, self-contained A/C units that duct cold air inside through 20-inch wide ducting. They’re controlled by thermostat from the inside, and offer a more uniform cooling for the entire space.

The units have internal electrical controls that won’t surge your power supply, but if power is in short supply during your emergency response, we have generators to make up the difference. These cooling units are extremely rugged and durable enough to stay in place and in use indefinitely.