The most common call for emergency heating happens when an existing system breaks, but it can also come from sudden weather changes or an unexpected event that requires an extraordinary response from you. Emergency heating requirements are usually temporary, and usually immediate.

The answer is portable rental units that deliver heat in a hurry, as much or as little as you need, directed to where you need it most, without the need to buy equipment or to undergo extensive installations.

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Portable Climate Solutions offers a range of heating, dehumidifying, climate conditioning and fan-based airflow solutions that will get your people and property back in the comfort zone quickly and at the most affordable cost.


It takes one phone call for our experts to determine the best match for your needs, and we will rush emergency heating to your location anywhere in Texas, day or night.

Call us 24/7, every day of the year at 888.466.7180


If your power is out, we can supply portable generators. If flooding or materials drying is an issue, we can configure dehumidifying and air scrubbing as well.

All our rental equipment is built for durability and reliability in adverse conditions, often to military and industrial specs. So if temporary turn into longer-term, this equipment can remain in use indefinitely.

Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters are good for smaller areas such as offices, homes and cold spots in large buildings. They’re also great for old structures or outbuildings with no heat and tents for outdoor events or emergency uses.

These are commercial-grade salamander (blown air) electric heaters like the space heaters you see in large box stores, only more rugged and powerful. And they have thermostat control. They’re on wheels so they can be moved. They’re often used for construction spaces, and for drying flooded surfaces or curing.

Our electric heaters generate 50,000 to over 200,000 Btu of heat, running from a standard electrical outlet – truly plug and play. They don’t need venting, so we can place them anywhere without disturbance – we do have a ducting option for the highest power heater.

Portable Heat Pumps are used for cooling as well as heating. They deliver 3 times the heat of other systems for the same electrical consumption. And because both heating and cooling share the same system, manufactured in one dual-purpose unit, deployment costs and hassles are reduced.

This relatively recent technology is not designed for extreme cold or high-intensity heating purposes but is great for providing heat in the cool nights and cooling in the hot days, and similar uses. This is portable climate control, driven by the thermostat, producing no fumes or fire hazard, since heat is not produced from direct fuel ignition.

Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect Fired Heaters are fuel-burning combustion furnaces that deploy outside an enclosure and blow the heat inside through ducting. They’re controlled by an interior thermostat. They run off natural gas, propane or diesel. They don’t create fumes however since air passes through a heat exchanger in the heater. And they’re very quiet.

Our heaters are industrial-grade, made to heat an entire space uniformly, and also for manufacturing and construction processes.