Industrial Heating & Drying: Combating Ice, Mold, & Moisture with Portable Heaters

Achieving efficiency and safety in an industrial workplace is never easy, simply because so many things can go wrong. Not only must you create a comfortable working environment, but you must make sure that conditions are suitable for the products you’re manufacturing or storing. If cold air enters your workplace, it can throw off these conditions, harming both your employees and your inventory. Preferred Climate Solutions offers a selection of portable heaters to keep every inch of your facilities at the perfect temperature.

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Who Needs Industrial Heating & Drying?

Acute heating and drying are valuable for any industrial firm, but it is particularly important for companies that:

  • Need Water – Pipes are always vulnerable to winter freezing, especially in West Texas, the Panhandle, and other cool areas of the state. Portable heaters let you thaw them quickly and get the water running again.
  • Have Moisture Issues – Certain industrial products and equipment cannot be exposed to airborne moisture. With portable heaters and dehumidifiers, you can dry the air around them.
  • Suffer Mold Problems – Portable heaters and dehumidifiers can kill mold or decrease its chance of spreading in the first place. This eliminates a threat to both your employees’ health and the integrity of your equipment.
  • Need Focused Heat – Certain industrial processes require heating liquids and other materials to high temperatures. Portable heaters allow you to do this by focusing heat in a particular part of your facility.

Even if none of these needs exists in your workplace, it can still be helpful to have access to portable heaters. That way, if your indoor heating system ever breaks, you can still keep the workplace warm for your employees, preventing an interruption in productivity.

Understanding Our Heating & Drying Equipment

Preferred Climate Solutions offers two main types of industrial heaters:

  • Electric Heaters. These devices generate heat through an electric coil. They then blow air over the coil, heating it up while directing it out at their target. These heaters are great for avoiding odors and fumes, for running simply on standard electricity, and for safe and easy portability from area to area.
  • Indirect Fired Heaters. These heaters blow air through a steel exchanger, using natural gas, propane, or diesel flame to heat the exchanger from the outside. This means that fuel under combustion never touches the airflow directly, which offers an odorless heat source that is free of noxious fumes. Indirect fired devices achieve higher temperatures and work over larger areas than electric ones do. These heaters produce a powerful blast of heated air and are set up outside a facility, with ducting to deliver heat to the target area.
  • Besides heaters, Preferred Climate Solutions carries dehumidifiers. Designed to remove moisture, these devices draw in the air toward a cold coil; the coil causes water suspended in the air to condense. Along with heaters, we provide these dehumidifiers to businesses large and small, all over Texas.

For more information on heating, drying, and other industrial climate control rental in Texas, contact Preferred Climate Solutions today.

Preferred Climate Solutions Portable Heaters & Dryers

Our portable heater and dehumidifier products include:

Chromalox Electric Heaters – These devices come in multiple sizes, each with different capabilities. The smallest is the DRA15 Salamander, which offers 51,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of heat. Then there is the DRA30 Salamander, with 102,000 BTUs, and the SDRA60 SuperDragon, with 204,000 BTUs.

Mosebach HX60 – Also an electric heater, this provides 205,000 BTUs of heat.

Cambo Blaze Indirect Fire Heaters – Like the Chromalox heaters, these come in multiple sizes. The smallest is the 200D Turbo, with 175,000 BTUs. Then there is the 400D Turbo with 396,000 BTUs and the 600D Turbo with 588,000 BTUs.

The Dri-Eaz LGR 7000XLI – This dehumidifier removes 130 pints of water from the air per day.

  • dra15
  • dra30
  • sdra60
  • indirect fired heaters hx60
  • indirect fired heaters
  • indirect fired heaters 600D
  • indirect fired heaters 400d
  • dri eaz dehumidifier