In pharmacies, hospitals, and other medical facilities, excessively high temperatures are unacceptable. Heatwaves, power outages, or any air conditioning downtime can threaten temperature-sensitive medical supplies. High temperatures can compromise the safety of medical supplies – or ruin them entirely.

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Preferred Climate Solutions offers a range of solutions to keep medical supplies cool. We carry a full line of spot coolers that can efficiently cool racks for supplies and equipment. Quiet and easy to deploy, they’re a great solution for pharmacies, hospitals or any medical facility.

Spot cooler HVAC for pharmacies or hospitals
Supplemental and emergency cooling is essential to preserve valuable and costly medical supplies. Portable spot coolers or other air conditioning units are available for rent if permanent cooling systems are unable to maintain the required climate. These temporary cooling options ensure the proper temperature is maintained for medical supplies, reducing risks to patients’ health, as well as liabilities to the facility over compromised supplies.

The medical supply area can be evaluated to determine which size cooling option is best for the desired space, temperature, and duration. Spot coolers, evaporative coolers, and air conditioners are available in portable units that provide the fast cooling necessary to maintain the required climate for any facility.