We depend on our vehicles to safely and dependably get us where we need to go. To keep our cars and trucks in good working order, we rely on mechanics and automotive shops that we can trust. We understand that working under the hood with engines or under the vehicle itself is hot work in the best of conditions. In dire Texas heat, it becomes downright dangerous.

That’s why Preferred Climate Solutions spot cooler rentals is perfect for automotive shops. Shop owners don’t have to waste money cooling every inch of the facility — only cool where you need to! By keeping your mechanics and technicians as cool and comfortable as possible, you keep them motivated and focused on the job at hand. That’s fewer wandering minds, and fewer mistakes made under the hood.

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What is a spot cooler

Spot cooling also reduces the likelihood of accidents and safety issues. When workers stay cool they’re less likely to lose track of what they’re doing and more likely to follow all shop safety procedures. Everyone works more efficiently when comfortable, and mechanics are no different! You will quickly recoup any expenses incurred to cool your automotive shop with the increased productivity of your technicians.

Additionally, spot cooling allows you to keep tools, equipment, parts, and chemicals at a safe working temperature without having to worry about controlling the climate throughout your facility.


On the other hand, if you have a small office or front facing waiting room, you may wish to use one of Preferred Climate Solutions’ spot cooler rentals to ensure those rooms stay comfortable during the hottest summer months. After all, why install an entirely new air conditioning system that you will only need for a month or two when you could rent a spot cooler for a fraction of the cost?

Whatever your air conditioning needs, Preferred Climate Solutions can set up the perfect spot cooling rental for you. These units provide ample cooling wherever needed in areas between 200 and 2,000 square feet. Simply plug them into normal electrical outlets, situate the exhaust vent, and you can begin cooling the area. You can easily situate these spot coolers to provide cooling where you need it, without getting in the way or posing a safety risk in the shop. Just let us know your needs and we’ll deliver the right spot cooler for the job. We’ll even set it up for you.

Your automotive shop will be safer and more productive with a spot cooler by keeping your mechanics comfortable. You will save money by increasing the productivity of your technicians. Your customers will appreciate staying cool and comfortable when they pick up or drop off their vehicle or wait for service.

Reach out to Preferred Climate Solutions today, and we’ll have a world-class spot cooler at your shop before you know it!

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