As a photography professional, you understand that heat has a detrimental effect on cameras and film. We understand that climate control plays an incredibly important role in professional film and photography facilities. You need to maintain the proper temperature and relative humidity to maintain your cameras and ensure the integrity of your film.

All cameras, even DSLRs and other digital cameras, require lubricants on their many moving parts. These lubricants thin out when exposed to heat. Get them too hot, and cameras will suffer as a consequence. Likewise, the digital components in photography equipment can also suffer failure when they get too hot. We understand how important it is to keep your camera equipment at the right temperature for optimal operation.

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What is a spot cooler

Photographic film is even more sensitive — it’s essentially a perishable good. High temperature and high relative humidity can change the qualities of film and negatives, rendering them useless. Appropriate climate control is incredibly important in your industry, but the Texas heat spares no one.

What should you do if your photography facility or darkroom experiences air conditioning failure? Before long, your film will begin to degrade, your camera equipment will start to fail and the chemicals used in your development process will become less effective.

The solution is to spot cooler rentals from Preferred Climate Solutions. Whatever your needs, we can deliver the perfect unit to your facility and set it up for you. Not only will this control the temperature of your facility, but as the spot cooler chills the air it will also remove moisture. This works well in photography and film facilities since both cameras and film are sensitive to temperature and humidity.

We understand that film and negatives must be kept cool and in low relative humidity for long term storage, and our spot coolers provide a perfect solution. These units provide ample cooling for any room between 200 and 2,000 square feet. Whether your facility’s air conditioning has failed or you simply need supplementary climate control for film and camera stability, Preferred Climate Solutions has the perfect spot cooler rental for you.

With the right spot cooler, you will keep your camera equipment in perfect working order, and protect your film and negatives from heat and humidity damage. An added bonus is that spot coolers will cool you and any facility workers as well!

If you need to ensure proper climate control in your film and photography facility, contact Preferred Climate Solutions today. Don’t let heat and humidity damage your equipment and destroy your film. Our spot cooler rentals can help you keep the temperature and relative humidity exactly where you need it, with easy to use digital controls that make it simple to set the temperature and blower speed.

Let us know what you need and we’ll set up the right spot cooler for you. Keep your film and photography facility in perfect working order with climate control from Preferred Climate Solutions.

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