As summer heats up and more people dine out rather than cooking at home, it is more important than ever that your restaurant has an adequate cooling solution. In some buildings, the integrated HVAC system isn’t powerful enough to keep the interior cool when it’s 105 degrees outside and you are packed to capacity with a line around the corner.

If you have outdoor seating available, you may not seat guests there because it is just too hot. Fortunately, renting some spot coolers during heat waves and for busy weekends is an excellent solution to your restaurant cooling woes. Here are just a few ways restaurants benefit from renting portable spot coolers.

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Every Corner of The Restaurant Stays Cool

If your air conditioning can’t keep up with the occupancy of your restaurant, the oven and the heat outside, you need a way to quickly and efficiently cool the room down. Unless you want to take out a loan or find some other way to finance a major air conditioner upgrade, spot coolers are going to be your best bet. Putting spot coolers near seating areas close to the kitchen or by the windows and doors is a great way to ensure all guests are comfortable while they dine with you.

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Make Outdoor Seating Usable

Hot days tend to keep guests looking for a table inside where it’s cool. However, you can easily provide comfortable outdoor seating even in extreme heat thanks to portable spot coolers. All you need to do is roll one out, plug it in and direct the flow of air over your outdoor seating area. Best of all, if you have an awning or canopy to keep the cold air from blowing away quickly, you can cool a large area with just one portable spot cooler.

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Keep Your Staff Safe

Working in a hot kitchen is par for the course for line cooks and the chef, but that doesn’t mean they should spend extended periods of time in a hot kitchen when exterior temperature start to rise. Putting a spot cooler in the kitchen is an effective way to keep the back of the house from becoming unbearable and prevent accidents due to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. More importantly, a happy, comfortable kitchen and wait staff is a productive and efficient work staff. People do better work when they aren’t dying of the heat.

All in all, if you know there’s going to be a major heat wave in the near future, and you know that your restaurant is going to become unbearably hot, do the right thing by your customers and your staff: contact Preferred Climate Solutions and rent a couple of spot coolers to keep everyone happy and comfortable until the weather is less severe. Your customers, servers and kitchen crew will be grateful for your consideration.