Cool Your Workers And Your Products

Warehouses are notorious for high temperatures, but warehouses in Texas can be especially miserable in 100+ degree summers. This excessive heat compromises the health and productivity of warehouses workers, as well as the items stored inside.

During the heat waves of summer, companies often seek rental air conditioning units to supplement the warehouse climate control. Portable units offer affordable, immediate cooling for temporary periods to bring warehouse temperatures down to bearable levels.

There are a number of advantages of renting an air conditioning unit for warehouse cooling:

  • Cooler temperatures keep workers safe and productive
  • Cooling options are affordable and energy-efficient
  • Safer storage temperature for warehouse goods

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Preferred Climate Solutions offers a range of solutions to cool down your warehouse, including spot coolers, evaporative coolers and large, trailer-mounted AC units. We can help you find the right solution for your needs.

The first step to cooling a warehouse is determining which areas of the warehouse are most critical for supplemental cooling – or the whole building. A range of portable air conditioning units can provide cooling for entire warehouses, or specific areas. One small unit may be enough for office spaces, or multiple units can be combined for the largest of warehouses.
Evaporative coolers for warehouse cooling

Small Area Cooling

Smaller units like spot coolers or portable evaporative coolers are the perfect solution for cooling areas up to 5,000 square feet. These options are ideal for office spaces, temperature-sensitive supply areas, and more.

  • Spot coolers are self-contained, wheel-mounted units providing portable cooling wherever needed in areas of 200 to 2,000 square feet. These units simply plug into regular electricity, while an exhaust vent fits through a window assembly or drop ceiling away from the cooling area.
  • Portable evaporative coolers like the Portacool JetStream 250 are highly efficient evaporator coolers that operate on regular electricity and tap water. These wheel-mounted units provide cooling relief for indoor or outdoor areas between 1,000 and 5,000 square feet, and can reduce the temperature by 20 degrees.
Warehouse cooling with portable HVAC

Large Area Cooling

Cooling options such as swamp coolers or larger air conditioning units are available for 5,000 square feet and beyond, suitable for large areas or entire warehouses.

  • Portable swamp coolers provide cooling relief for areas between 1,000 and 5,000 square feet and can reduce the temperature by 20 degrees – even in outdoor spaces. Multiple swamp coolers can be used together to cool large areas exceeding 5,000 feet. These units are energy efficient, costing only $1 for an 8-hour day.
  • Trailer-mounted air conditioning units are another option for cooling large spaces. These systems are stackable, self-contained units positioned outdoors that provide significant indoor cooling through 20-inch ducts. Available in 5-ton, 10-ton, and 25-ton options, these units feature internal electrical systems to prevent power surges. Although these units are portable, they offer temporary or permanent use, with a thermostat to provide even cooling.