Warmth Throughout The Warehouse: Heating Solutions For Industrial Facilities In Texas

Heating a large industrial facility is never easy, but it’s especially difficult for warehouses. Given their enormous interior space, the high risk of air leaks, and the common presence of tight racks, it’s hard to spread and maintain heat in such buildings. And despite our state’s generally hot climate, Texas facilities are by no means immune.

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Preferred Climate Solutions shores up warehouse heating by offering portable heaters for rent. Ranging from Chromalox and Mosebach electric heaters to the full range of Cambo Blaze Turbo indirect fired devices, we give Texan warehouses the equipment they need to stay warm throughout the year.
Warehouse Heating

Who Can Use a Warehouse Heater?

Portable heaters are highly valuable for warehouses, particularly those that:

  • Have Outdated Insulation – Warehouses that are older or that rely on outmoded windows, wall insulation, and other features have a harder time separating indoor and outdoor air. When cold air leaks inside, it is harder to warm the building, especially in areas close to walls and windows. Portable heaters deliver hot air directly to those areas, countering the effects of leakage.
  • Contain Tight Racks – Warehouses often use racks to store large amounts of equipment, and depending on how close those racks are to each other and how tightly they are packed, it may be hard for warm air to get inside or around them. Heaters that offer heavy air flow make it easier to spread heat around such obstacles.
  • Have High Ceilings – Heat rises, which creates a problem for storage facilities with high ceilings. To counter this problem, warehouses need to increase interior airflow; the best way to do this is to invest in heating equipment that delivers air at a high volume.

These issues are a particularly serious problem in Texas, especially in the Panhandle and in western parts of the state, where temperatures can get quite low in the winter. By investing in portable heaters, you can warm every inch of your warehouse.

How do Portable Heaters Work?

There are two main types of portable heaters:

  • Electric Heaters – These heaters use electric coils to heat up air, blowing that air over the coils and out of the machine at a high rate.
  • Indirect Fired Heaters – These devices use gas, propane, or diesel fuel to warm a steel exchanger. They then blow air through the exchanger, heating it up and directing it out toward the target.

In general, indirect fired heaters are best for heating large areas to very high temperatures. Electric heaters, on the other hand, are ideal for relatively small areas that require modest heating.

A Selection of Heaters for Your Warehouse

To heat your warehouse, Preferred Climate Solutions provides the:

Model Chromalox DRA15 Salamander Chromalox DRA30 Salamander Chromalox SDRA60 SuperDragon Mosebach HX60 Campo Blaze 200D TURBO Campo BLAZE 400D TURBO Campo BLAZE 600D TURBO
Chromalox DRA15 SalamanderChromalox DRA30 SalamanderChromalox SDRA60 SuperDragonMosebach HX60Campo Blaze 200D TURBOCampo Blaze 400D TURBOCampo Blaze 600D TURBO
Specifications An electric heater, this device warms air to up to 51,000 British Thermal Units, or BTUs. A more powerful version of the DRA15, this provides up to 102,000 BTUs of heat. Our most powerful Chromalox device, this produces 204,000 BTUs. This electric heater offers 205,000 BTUs and blows air out at 2,400 cubic feet per minute, or CFM. This indirect fired heater heats air at 175,000 BTUs and blows it at 3,200 CFM. Similar to the 200D but more powerful, this device distributes air at 5,500 CFM and heats it with 396,000 BTUs. The most powerful heater we have, the 600D offers 588,000 BTUs at a rate of 6,500 CFM.

To learn more about heating warehouses and other industrial operations, contact Preferred Climate Solutions today.