Benefits of Outdoor Air Conditioner on Rent

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21 Jul
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There are many benefits of outdoor air conditioner rental units when you get their services from a reputed company. The low-cost factor, easy installation, and maintenance are some of the most important features of these services, which convince more and more people to opt-in. Let’s learn more.

What is an Outdoor Air Conditioner?

An outdoor air conditioner unit sits outside your home or business. The system consists of a condenser, compressor, and evaporator coil. This design allows it to cool down incoming hot air before blowing it inside your house.

Outdoor air conditioner rental is a solution for homes and businesses that need a temporary cooling system. A portable air conditioner can be delivered to your home, and the delivery team will set it up and connect it. After the renting period elapses, you can schedule the removal of the old unit and return your deposit.

Designed for Residential and Commercial Use

Outdoor air conditioning units are designed for commercial and residential use and can handle much higher temperatures . They can withstand the elements, including rain and snow, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged during your next storm.

Saves Space

Outdoor air conditioners do not require any installation or modification of your home. They sit outside on a concrete pad and connect directly to your ductwork, which means you can save space in your home by not having to install an indoor unit.

Saves Energy

Outdoor air-cooled units use less energy than their indoor counterparts because they don’t have to work as hard to cool down the entire house. The result is lower cooling bills and reduced carbon emissions from power plants that would otherwise be used to produce electricity for indoor units.

Self-Contained Cooling Unit

Outdoor units have all of their components housed in one place — usually a large box mounted on the outside of your house or garage — so there are fewer parts that can break down over time and cause problems down the road.

The Benefits of Outdoor Air Conditioner Rental

There are many reasons why you may want to consider renting an outdoor air conditioning unit instead of purchasing one. Here are some of the benefits:

It Is a Cost-Effective Solution

Renting is a lot more cost-effective than buying. You don’t have to buy the air conditioner, and you can pay as you go. The monthly rental cost of outdoor air conditioners varies by the size of your home and the type of outdoor unit installed.

On average, you can save more than 50% on maintenance and installation costs compared with traditional air conditioning systems:

  • The average air conditioner cost is $5,644
  • Installation costs range from $150-350
  • The cost to replace the air conditioner is $45 per square foot

On the other hand

  • The average monthly cost to rent an outdoor air conditioner is $49.99 – $94.99
  • Installation and maintenance costs are part of the bill with outdoor rental AC units
  • No demolitions are required, and hence no renovation costs

It Is a Perfect Solution for Short-Term Requirements

A rental outdoor air conditioner can be the perfect solution forshort-term requirements. Buying an indoor air conditioner may not be viable if you rent a house or live in a vacation home. However, you can install an outdoor model quickly and easily.

You can also use this type of AC unit if there isn’t enough space in your home to install an indoor one.

It Allows You to Get the Latest Model of Air Conditioners

If you want the latest air conditioner model, then an outdoor air conditioner for rent is the right choice for you. You can access models that are more energy-efficient and powerful than most systems.

You can get custom-made conditioners with high-quality parts when you choose to rent. Therefore you won’t have to worry about them breaking down in a few months.

The best part is that rental companies also provide installation services, so if you’re not comfortable installing an air conditioner on your own, this is the way forward.

You Can Get a Customized Solution as per Your Requirement and Space

You can have a customized solution as per your requirement and space. You can choose the size and type of air conditioner you need, the location of the air conditioner, and even the brand of the air conditioner.

Another important advantage of renting an outdoor AC is that it comes with all the latest features, such as remote controls and auto-switching between cooling and heating modes according to weather conditions. There is no need for any additional investment besides paying the monthly rental charges, which are usually very reasonable.

Also, hiring an outdoor AC means you do not have to worry about repairing or servicing it if something goes wrong. The rental company will provide these services and installation at no extra cost.

You Can Maximize Energy Efficiency

The rental service provider will also provide you with a cooling audit. Professional technicians will visit your place, analyze your cooling requirements andcheck the energy efficiency of the cooling system in your house.

A typical outdoor air conditioner rental unit uses variable speed compressors to adjust their power consumption to maintain desired temperatures, saving hundreds of dollars per year compared to single-speed compressors. Additionally, variable-speed compressors provide better comfort control, allowing your HVAC system to run at the right speed for the right conditions

A Streamlined Renting Process

Renting an air conditioner is pretty simple and can be done online or over the phone. The company will send an expert technician to set up your unit and ensure everything is working properly. You don’t need any experience whatsoever with installing or operating a portable AC unit.

Make a Wise Decision

More and more people are using outdoor air conditioner rental units to stay cool and beat the heat. There are many reasons why you should use outdoor air conditioners on rent instead of conventional air conditioning in your home/office.

These air conditioners have many features that can save electricity costs, water, and other miscellaneous expenses. It may be wise to rent an outdoor air conditioner when there is insufficient space to install a normal AC inside your home or when your cooling needs are temporary.

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