As an experienced provider of industrial heating and drying equipment in Texas, Preferred Climate Solutions is committed to giving its clients as many options as possible. Customers thus have the ability to select the best device on the market for their specific heating and drying needs. When those needs involve heating large areas to high temperatures quickly, indirect fired heaters are almost always the way to go. We carry the full line of Campo indirect fired heaters, ensuring that you are always able to generate enough heat over a sufficiently large area to suit your business.

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Indirect Fired Heaters

An Introduction to Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect fired heaters are heaters that rely on propane, diesel, or natural gas to heat air. They use this fuel to ignite a flame underneath a steel exchanger, through which they blow air at high speeds. The air heats up quickly as it passes through the exchanger, which is an extremely efficient way to heat air. This produces high volumes of heated air that doesn’t come into contact with ignited fuel directly, which means no fumes or odors. Our indirect fired heaters can heat air to temperatures well above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and distribute that air over 150 feet. (By comparison, electric heaters, which heat air by passing it over an electric coil, can only achieve temperatures of up to 100 degrees.) Our Campo brand indirect fired heaters produce a powerful blast of air. We install the heaters outside your facility and run ducting to deliver the heat to your target area.

The Campo Line of Indirect Heaters

Preferred Climate Solutions carries Campo Blaze heaters, which are known for their high level of performance and efficiency. Heaters are evaluated in terms of the amount of heat they produce, as measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs, and by the speed at which they distribute air, as measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. All of our Camp Blaze heaters excel at both heating and distributing air. Those heaters include:
Model The 200D Turbo The 400D Turbo The 600D Turbo
Specifications Offering 175,000 BTUs at 3,250 CFM, these heaters can raise the temperature up to 290 degrees Fahrenheit at the point of discharge. These devices are 86 percent efficient, meaning the overwhelming majority of the fuel you use is directly transferred into heat. They work with both oil and gas, and can hold up to 40 US gallons of fuel for a period of 32 hours. Holding up to 70 US gallons of fuel, these heaters provide as much as 396,000 BTUs at 5,500CFM. They can run for a period of 21 hours, and heat air to 220 degrees Fahrenheit at the point of discharge. With 588,000 BTUs of heat, the Campo Blaze 600D Turbo is one of the most powerful portable heaters on the market. It distributes air at 6,500 CFM, and can heat that air up to 240 degrees at the point of discharge. It will operate for up to 21 hours, and holds as much as 70 gallons of fuel; you can also purchase an available 100-gallon tank if you need to use even more fuel.

For more information on Campo indirect fired heaters and other options for your Texas workplace, contact Preferred Climate Solutions today.