Portacool is the #1 brand of portable evaporative coolers.

Economical, energy-efficient portable cooling units are the perfect solution for temporary or emergency cooling needs. Packing high-powered airflow with durable evaporative media for the most rigorous applications, Portacool’s self-contained portable cooling units are available in multiple sizes to meet various needs. Portacool’s Jetstream series serves many applications both indoors and outdoors, from 1000 square feet to over 5500 square feet.

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Portacool JetStream 270


Unlike air conditioning systems, Portacool units don’t require recurring costs of freon. Instead, the units operate on tap water to produce fresh, cool air more cost-effectively and sustainably. Portacool solutions save money in three ways:
  1. No installation costs
  2. Reduced operating costs through highly efficient designs
  3. Savings from eliminating productivity lost to excessive heat conditions


Portacool products are useful in various applications from commercial to recreational uses. From an aircraft hangar to a backyard wedding party, portable evaporative cooling units can serve almost any need in any space. These are just a few examples of common applications:
  • Recreational: Sporting events, parties and weddings, concerts and festivals, fitness centers
  • Industrial: Warehouses, workshops, manufacturing facilities
  • Farm & Pets: Barns, veterinary clinics, kennels
  • Medical and Retail: Office buildings, storage and supplies, conference rooms.


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