Easy Steps to Maintain Your Heater’s Air Filter

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30 Mar
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Maintaining the air filter on your heater will make the heater last for a long time and it will keep it working properly. Here are some easy steps for how you can maintain your heater’s air filter.

Clean Them Regularly 

Air filters need to be cleaned in order to continue to work properly. Of course, you should check to see if there are directions with your particular air filter regarding its cleaning. Some air filters have specific cleaning instructions. Otherwise, you can vacuum air filters and use a damp cloth to clean them. If you notice that your air filters are particularly dusty or dirty, it would be best to replace them instead of continuing to clean them. Sometimes air filters are too dirty to use again.

Replace Them Regularly 

Heater air filters need to be replaced regularly. All different types of heaters have different filters, so make sure you purchase the right one. As a general rule, you should change one and two-inch filters every three months, four-inch filters every six months, and five-inch filters once a year. In some cases, you may need to change filters more frequently. If the filter is visibly dirty, the heater is running very frequently, or you notice a strange smell coming from the heater, you should change the air filter right away.

Do Not Smoke in Your Home 

Smoking in your home on a consistent basis will create a residue that will stick to your air filter. If you have multiple people smoking in your home, it will be even worse. If you want your air filter to last for a decent amount of time, avoid smoking indoors. People who smoke indoors usually need to change their air filters three times as often as people who do not smoke.

Do Not Frequently Leave Windows and Doors Open 

Leaving windows and doors open all the time will allow dirt and debris into your home, which will stick to your air filter and prevent it from working properly. This will shorten the life of your air filter very quickly. If you want your air filter to last, try to remember to close your doors and windows after coming inside for the day. Leaving doors and windows open for a short time is okay but doing so for a long period of time will have a negative effect on your air filter.

Do Not Leave Your Heater Fan Running

The longer you leave your heater fan running, the more often you will have to change your air filter. Try to remember to turn off the heater fan unless you absolutely need to have it on. By doing this, you will preserve the life of the air filter and your overall heater.

Clean Your Home Regularly

Excessive dirt and dust can clog your air filter very quickly. Cleaning your home regularly will prevent the air filter from getting dirty and needing to be replaced. Air filters should last for at least a month at minimum, and ideally, they should last for three months. Cleaning your home will lengthen the lifespan of your air filter and will help you avoid changing it too often.

Avoid Lots of Pet Fur 

If you have dogs and cats that shed their fur, then you should vacuum at least once or twice a week. Excessive fur can get into an air filter and clog it, which will stop it from working. While you can vacuum your air filter and get most of the fur off, it’s not good to vacuum the air filter every single day. It’s a better idea to vacuum your floors and furniture to prevent the fur from getting into the air filter in the first place.

Check on Your Air Filter 

Every so often, take a look at your air filter and make sure it looks okay. This small, but vital detail of your home can be easy to forget about, so maybe write this task down on a to-do list or put an alarm for it in your phone. Check on your air filter to make sure that it’s not dirty, ripped, or damaged in any way. Doing this can prevent accidents from happening and will ensure that you and your family are safe.

Maintain Overall Ductwork in Your Home 

The ductwork in your home is the pipe system that runs both hot and cold air through your home. They run from your heater or your air conditioning unit to all of the vents in your house so that way you can adjust the overall temperature in your home.

Maintaining the ductwork in your house is an essential aspect of keeping your air filter working properly. If dirt and debris remain in the ducts, then it will be in the air that goes through the filter and flows through the rest of your home. To ensure that your ductwork is clean and working properly, you should schedule an annual appointment with a duct service company. These companies specialize in ductwork and will be able to clean them and take care of any repairs. If you take care of this annually, you can be confident that you air filter won’t get clogged.

Don’t Forget About Overall Heater Maintenance 

The air filter on your heater is a small, but essential part of your heater. The heater is a vital part of your home and well-being, and its annual maintenance will ensure that it continues to work properly. You should have a heater specialist take a look at your heater once a year or even every six months just to be safe. If there is a problem with any part of the heater, including the air filter, the heater specialist will be able to repair it or suggest that you purchase a new heater.

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