Easy Tips to Make Your Portable AC Perform Better

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18 Aug
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Summer is a time for people to have fun by going to the beach, playing games, and swimming in the pool. But, summer also means high temperatures that can become unbearable. Air conditioners are instrumental in keeping rooms cool during summer.

Portable air conditioners keep spaces cool while letting people move them around as necessary. Buying a new air conditioner can be too expensive for people who need cooling only at specific times. For such a need, a portable air conditioner rental will do the trick.

A rental will work well for places like storage units, rental homes, and dorms. It is also suitable for event air conditioning.

Portable air conditioners, rental or not, can lead to money wastage if not used well. Here are some easy tips to help you make your portable AC perform better.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Portable AC

About 87% of American households have air conditioning. Of these households, only a few know how to make their cooling units perform better. Here is a breakdown of tips and tricks to improve the efficiency of your portable AC.

Insulate Your AC Hose

A portable air conditioner rental cools your room by extracting the heat from the space and blowing it outside. Thus, the exhaust hose always has hot air flowing through it. If your portable AC develops a leak, the hot air will go back into your room. If it does, it will be counterproductive.

The fan fitted in the portable AC to push the hot air outdoors will have to work harder to cool the room if there is a leak. So, a leak limits the efficiency of your portable AC. Insulate your air conditioner hose to keep heat from leaking.

Choose Wisely

Different spaces use different kinds of air conditioners. When choosing a portable AC rental, make sure you select the right one in terms of size and make. After choosing the right AC, ensure you place it in a spot with a lot of free space.

If you place your portable AC behind your couch, it will not be effective. It will only cool down a small part of the room. So, place your AC in a free space where you want to cool down.

Also, remember that sunlight will not do any good for your air conditioner. The sun can increase the temperature of your room drastically. Take note of windows and doorways that get a lot of sunlight when looking for a spot to place your portable AC.

Insulate Your Home

Keeping a room cool can be tiring for a portable AC if there is a continuous flow of heat into the room. To avoid heat entering the room, ensure that the space is adequately insulated. The benefit of proper insulation is that it is a one-time expense that will last for a long time.

You can do the insulation yourself if you have the skill. But, if you can’t do it on your own, you must employ a professional to do it on your behalf. A disadvantage of insulating a room is the potential cost. Insulation can be expensive if you have to refurbish your home.

But, you don’t have completely renovate your house to insulate it. Every minor action you take to prevent heat exchange between your space and the outdoors can make a difference.

Here are some simple ways to insulate your home to maximize portable air conditioner cooling.

Close the Door at All Times

Make sure to always keep your room door shut. A closed door allows your portable air conditioner rental to cool rooms one by one. If you keep your door open, your AC will have the tiresome job of cooling the entire house at a go. Restricting the space, your AC must work in one room to help it perform better.

Seal Air Entryways Under Your Door

You should keep hot air from getting into your space. So, block the spaces below your door where hot air comes in. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to seal it. You can roll up a thin blanket, take a bathroom towel, and place either under your door.

Sealing the airways below your door won’t stop the supply of fresh air. So, don’t worry about breathability. Sealing only prevents hot air from coming in.

Heat Insulate Your Windows

Heat gets into your room in many different ways. One way is by penetrating your windows. Thus, if you want a well-insulated space, you should use windows that insulate properly. You can use multi-layered glass windows to achieve insulation.

Consider, for example, a window that has three slim glass layers. There are gaps between each layer of glass, and they trap some air. Through that, the three-layered window serves as an insulator.

Check if your windows have one or two layers of glass. If they do, you should consider getting an upgrade.

Turn on Your Air Conditioner Early

Turn on your portable air conditioner rental before you need to use it. Better still, if the AC has a programmable timer, set it to switch on 30 minutes before you get home. Turning it on earlier than needed will let your AC cool down the entire place slowly.

If you turn it on full blast when it’s too hot, your AC will have to work harder. The AC may be unable to cool the room to the desired temperature within the time you want. Even when yourent a portable AC, the rule of turning it on early applies.

Let the Fresh Air in When You Wake Up

When you wake up, the first thing you should do is open your windows. Doing so will let the cool morning air into your room. It’s an excellent way to cool your home naturally. When it gets hot, close the windows and let your portable air conditioner rental cool the room. Doing that will help your portable AC work better.

Final Words

A portable air conditioner rental is a significant investment. It lets you cool your room on the hot summer days while reducing energy bills. Pay attention to the tips above to take advantage of everything a portable AC offers.

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