A heating breakdown in cold weather creates both a bad work environment and drops employee morale faster than numbers on the thermometer. Worse still, if your commercial space is a retail store, customers may decide to take their business elsewhere. Warehouses that need to maintain inventory at a specific temperature can suffer spoilage losses, and nobody wants to work in an office building where there is no heat in the dead of winter.Fortunately, for commercial spaces in Texas, there is a fast, simple solution to this problem. Preferred Climate Solutions provides emergency heating and cooling rental service anywhere in Texas. With offices in Dallas, Houston & Austin, any commercial property can get the heat back on fast with PCS.

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  • Locally owned. Offices in Houston, Dallas & Austin.
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indirect fired heaters

indirect fired heaters

The Preferred Climate Solutions Advantage

  • Locally owned and operated
  • 24/7 Service anywhere in Texas
  • Experienced emergency heating and cooling technicians
  • Fix your climate control problems fast in any space

Why Choose Preferred Climate Solutions For Commercial Heating?

Keep Employees & Customers Happy

Maintaining a comfortable indoor climate is the key to a happy workforce and repeat customers. Choosing preferred climate solutions to heat your commercial space means both your workers and clientele are going to be much happier while your regular HVAC system issues are resolved.

Minimize Downtime

The longer your HVAC system is down in the winter, the more downtime losses your business must absorb. Lost customer foot traffic, inventory spoilage and workers calling out because the environment is too unpleasant at work all cost your business money daily while your HVAC is offline. Preferred Climate Solutions will have your commercial space warm and cozy again in no time. Anywhere in Texas, you need us, we’ll be there to warm your business back up.

We Take Care Of Everything For You

Our highly trained drivers and technicians will bring everything needed to heat your facility back up, and they will ensure everything is configured safely and correctly for as long as you need our services. One phone call, and we do it all.

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24/7 Emergency Service HVAC breaks down in the middle of the night on a weekend? It’s never a problem for the team here at PCS. We offer 24/7 service to all our customers to make sure you get what you need right away to mitigate losses and spoilage. Contact us today for more information about heating your commercial workspace, retail space or storage space.