Electric heaters are a good option for heating smaller areas. While they don’t have the heating capacity of our indirect-fired heaters, they are compact, odorless and don’t require a fuel source. Just plug them into a standard voltage electric plug, and they’re ready to go.

These heaters don’t require a vent line, which means we can place them anywhere in your building or office.

We rent Salamander electric heaters capable of generating 50,000 – 205,000 BTUs anywhere in Texas, any time.

Let us know your needs. We’ll deliver a heater that does the job, with on-site delivery and setup.

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Electric Heaters

What Kind of Electric Heaters Do You Rent?

We rent a commercial-grade electric heater. In their basic design, they are similar to the space heaters you might find at Walmart or HomeDepot, only far more powerful and reliable. Think of them as a space heater on steroids.

And unlike a retail space heater, our heaters include a thermostat and temperature control.

Our electric heaters work by using a heated electric coil and a fan to blow air over the coil and through your room. Since the heater doesn’t require fuel, you don’t need to worry about fumes or odors coming from the unit. The unit produces heat quickly, and just requires a minute for its coil to warm up.

They can produce a jet of warm air up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

They’re rugged and reliable, and they include safety features like a high-limit thermal cutoff switch.

Even though they’re easy to set up, we recommend letting our technicians decide where to place each heater for maximum comfort. Set up is simple, and the heater comes on wheels so it can roll into place.

Electric heaters are used in just about any smaller space, including offices and schools. Construction sites use them to warm the workers, and also to cure plaster and concrete faster.

These heaters can also be used for dehumidification, drying areas that have seen flood or other water damage.

You can use them in a warehouse to heat a portion of the larger space, like a workspace or office area.

Electric heaters are also a great choice for heating tents during an outdoor event.

Chromalox and Mosebach Heaters

Our rental fleet includes a variety of commercial-grade electric heaters.

For smaller jobs, we carry the compact Chromalox DRA Salamander Blower Heater. We carry both 15KW and 30KW versions of this popular salamander heater. These heaters can produce 51,000 and 102,000 BTUs, respectively, and generate a stream of air up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

For bigger jobs, the Chromalox SDRA SuperDragon is a powerful blower heater that can generate up to 204,000 BTUs. Usable with or without an optional inlet or outlet flexible duct, this heater can be used in industrial heating processes that require temperatures of up to 180oF.

We also carry the Mosebach HX60 portable electric heater. This is a great heater that can produce 205,000 BTUs and has a powerful 2,400 CFM fan. The heater is rugged enough for outdoor installation and includes an optional 50 duct.

All of our electric heaters include full safety features and can be left unattended while operating.