Construction projects are the backbone of modern society. However, during the coldest month in Texas, it can be more than a little challenging to maintain comfortable temperatures, particularly in open-air situations.

Fortunately, at Preferred Climate Solutions, we have you covered. Construction sites of all shapes and sizes can benefit from our wide selection of heater rentals. Let’s take a closer look at how we can help your business.

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Indirect Fired Heaters

Why Construction Sites Need Heater Rentals?

Open-Air Locations

During the construction process, your workers and equipment will be exposed to the elements. Even if the shell of the building is complete, insulation and walls are usually the last pieces to get installed.

Having a portable heater can ensure that your construction staff stays warm and comfortable during the project. When employees are in a climate-controlled environment, they are happier and more productive. During the coldest parts of the year, construction can slow to a crawl since workers will struggle to perform basic tasks.

Drying and Curing

Some elements of your project need warm, dry air to set correctly. Concrete is a perfect example, as cold or wet conditions can slow the curing process. Having one of our industrial-strength heaters on-site can ensure that your concrete sets quickly and efficiently. Even if you don’t anticipate any weather-related issues, our heaters can accelerate the process so that you can finish ahead of schedule.

Why Preferred Climate Solutions is the Answer

When it comes to heater rentals for construction sites, we offer the best service and value for your project. Here are a few reasons why Preferred Climate Solutions should be your first call.

  • On-Site Inspections – we will assess your individual needs so that you don’t get more heat than necessary. We can also ensure that you get the right machine to do the job correctly, instead of overheating your space.
  • Rush Delivery – if a cold snap happens, you need to be ready. Call us anytime, and we’ll deliver a heater rental to your construction site ASAP, day or night.
  • Adjustable Duct Work – pumping heat throughout the site is a breeze, thanks to our customizable ducts. During the assessment process, we’ll include ductwork in our estimate so that you know what to expect.

Our Heater Rental Options

We have a wide array of heater sizes to accommodate all kinds of construction projects. The two heating types we offer are:

  • Electric – if you need to warm a smaller space, these heaters are perfect for the job. Whether it’s a foreman’s office or a corner of the site, an electric heater delivers the perfect even warmth.
  • Indirect Fired – some projects are massive and require extra power and performance. Our indirect fired heaters use combustible materials like gas to burn faster and more efficiently.

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Don’t put your construction project on hold because of a little cold. Let Preferred Climate Solutions help with our vast selection of heater rental options. We’re here to serve you, whether you need a machine for a few hours or a few weeks.