Being a manufacturer means that you have to stay up and running all year long. During the colder months, however, lower temperatures can pose problems for both your employees and your equipment. Fortunately, at Preferred Climate Solutions, we have the heaters you need to stay toasty and comfortable during the winter season.

Let’s take a look at how our portable heater rentals can help at your factory.

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Indirect Fired Heaters

Smoother Operations

Depending on what kind of products you make, most of your machinery is susceptible to extreme temperatures. Too much heat in the summer can cause them to overheat and shut down. Too much cold in the winter can cause parts to crack and break.

Usually, this problem occurs when a machine has been shut off in cold weather for too long – the heat from operations can cause the metallic components to expand, creating more stress and potential fractures.

So, having a portable heater in place from Preferred Climate Solutions can help avoid catastrophe. Even if a machine works the first time seamlessly, the added stress from changing temperatures will catch up eventually. Our heaters ensure that your equipment stays at an optimal warmth all day and night, thus extending the life of your factory.

Comfortable Workers

Although automation is usually the backbone of any factory, you still require people to monitor the machinery and make sure that everything is working correctly. Having portable heater rentals can help your staff work faster and more efficiently. If your workers are cold (particularly their extremities), they can have trouble performing all kinds of tasks.

By adjusting the ambient temperature to be more inviting, employees can work better overall. Also, staff members are less likely to cut corners or rush through operations because they are cold.

Heater Rental Options

At Preferred Climate Solutions, we have a wide array of machines that can accommodate almost any need. Here are a few options that can help your factory.

Portable Electric Heaters

If you have small spaces within the factory, or your workers typically stay in a confined area, portable electric heaters are an excellent choice. These models are ideal because they don’t use as much energy as a large-scale heater, and they are highly adjustable. Also, many of our heaters come with wheels so that they can be deployed anywhere on the premises.

Large-Scale Indirect Fired Heaters

For those factories that need to warm a massive space, we have heaters for you. Our machines are capable of warming hundreds of cubic feet of air quickly, ensuring that your factory stays at an optimal temperature all day or night. As with our electric heaters, these units come with wheels for fast deployment. Our indirect fired heaters also have maximum heat efficiency, with ratings above 85 percent.

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Maintaining factory operations is crucial for your bottom line. Our heater rentals can help prevent downtime or undue stress on your machines (and workers). Call us today, and we can perform an on-site inspection to assess your needs directly.