Hosting an event outdoors can be a marvelous experience. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or other celebration, you need to make sure that everything runs smoothly. While Texas usually has excellent outdoor weather for events, the colder parts of the year can create unique problems – namely, heating.

When it comes to protecting your guests from the elements, a heater tent is usually the best option. Not only can you prevent things like wind or rain from ruining the experience, but you can control the climate much more efficiently.

At Preferred Climate Solutions, we offer portable heater rentals for heater tents to suit your needs. No matter what size event you’re hosting, we have the right equipment for you.

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Indirect Fired Heaters

Heater Rental Types

To help expedite the rental process, let’s break down the two varieties of heaters that we offer. We carry a wide range of sizes for both, meaning that we can accommodate events big and small.

Electric Heaters

Typically, power can be in short supply when you’re hosting an outdoor event. However, with the right generator, you can make sure that your heater works perfectly the whole time. Our electric heaters are perfect for smaller venues and spaces. We’ll also provide specs regarding amperage and voltage so that you can be sure you won’t overload the generator. The worst thing that could happen is a heater shuts off during the event – we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

Indirect Fired Heaters

For the most part, heaters that run on gas or propane will work best for outdoor venues. This way, you don’t have to worry about blowing a fuse or overloading a circuit. Usually, these models are ideal for heating large spaces, but we have smaller sizes available for more intimate events.

Portable Ductwork

While it may not be necessary, we do offer portable ducts to help distribute the hot air throughout the heated tent. In some cases, a tube will work better, particularly if you have an electric heater plugged in elsewhere. Otherwise, we can provide multiple smaller units to create an even ambient temperature throughout the event.

Benefits of Using Preferred Climate Solutions

Before hosting your next outdoor event, give us a call. We not only have the best heater rentals around, but we have the best service. Here are a few reasons why we should be on your shortlist.

  • Fast and Efficient Delivery – we understand that the weather can change in an instant. If you need heating ASAP for an event, call us, and we’ll rush a portable heater to your location.
  • Site Assessments – ideally, you can plan for heating needs before the event. In these situations, we can do a site visit to make sure that you get the right machines for your needs.
  • Flexible Rental Options – outdoor events can last a few hours or a few days. Whether it’s a daytime wedding or a week-long festival, we have a wide assortment of rental options to suit you.

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