If you own a home, then you understand that problems with your heating system can occur. It’s not too difficult for appliances to eventually break, and changes in weather conditions can cause serious damage. When these emergency situations arise, renting a heater can allow you to live comfortably while you repair your heating system.

It will take time to either repair or replace your damaged heating system, and a heater rental is a perfect way to make it through this transition. This is especially relevant in the cold winter months when living without heat isn’t an option. Our heater rentals are an excellent solution for emergencies in both large and small areas.

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Indirect Fired Heaters

Stress-Free Installation

If you rent a heating system from us, we will deliver it to you and install it on site. We will instruct you on how to properly operate the heater and answer any questions that you may have. The units are portable, so you will have the ability to move them around without issue. This is especially important when you want to concentrate the heat in specific parts of your home.


The heater rental unit will not be a disruption to your everyday life. They’re completely odorless with no hazardous fume production, and they operate quietly in the background. The unit will be installed quickly to make your home warm and comfortable.

Mold Protection

Once mold starts to grow within your home, it becomes increasingly difficult to control. The use of a rental heater will provide your home with the levels of warmth and dryness that is necessary to prevent mold growth.

24/7 Support

Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities, so we put a large emphasis on excellent customer service. We can deliver our units at any time of the day and night to assist you with any heat emergencies, and answer any of your questions about the rental units.

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If you live in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth or the surrounding areas in Texas and you’re experiencing issues with your heating system, contact Preferred Climate Solutions. We offer a variety of powerful heater rental units that are suitable for your home, industrial and commercial needs. Give us a call at (888)-466-7180 or contact us to get in touch with us and learn more about our services.