Although Texas is known for being hot through most of the year, it can still get mighty cold during the winter months. Owning and operating a warehouse is always a struggle for climate control, particularly when the temperatures drop outside.

At Preferred Climate Solutions, we have the equipment necessary to keep your warehouse heated all season long. We stock a wide array of heaters that can accommodate any range of situations and needs. Let’s break down the various options we offer

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Indirect Fired Heaters

Electric Heaters

In some cases, you don’t need to heat the whole warehouse. Perhaps your employees are only working in a particular section, or some of your inventory needs to stay at a specific temperature. Electric heaters are generally the best solution for spot heating because they are highly efficient and safe to use.

These heaters work by utilizing electricity to heat the internal coils and then blowing hot air into space. At Preferred Climate Solutions, we have electric heaters of all sizes to fit anywhere in your warehouse.

Indirect Fired Heaters

For those warehouses that need total heating, an indirect fired heater is the best option. These models use gas, propane, or diesel fuel to ignite a steel exchanger. A high-powered fan blows the superheated air into the warehouse, bringing up the ambient temperature quickly and efficiently.

Again, we have a broad range of sizes to meet your needs. Because these heaters work so well and can warm your warehouse significantly, we highly recommend getting a site inspection first. This way, we can estimate the perfect solution for your business so that you don’t have to worry about over or underheating your space.

Why Rent a Heater for Warehouses?

There are several reasons why a heater rental from Preferred Climate Solutions is the right move. 

Outdated Insulation

If your warehouse is on the older side, chances are that it’s leaking hot air and letting in cold air. Because of these entry points, it can be much more challenging to control the climate inside, both during the winter and summer months. Renting a heater ensures that you can accommodate your workers and keep a comfortable environment all year round.

High Ceilings, Large Spaces

The bigger your warehouse is, the harder it is to keep warm. Because hot air rises, much of the warmth created by space heaters goes up to the ceiling and sits there. Our heater rentals help circulate the air better so that you can not only feel warm, but you’ll save on energy costs as well.

Tight Racks

Chances are that you have massive amounts of inventory sitting on rows upon rows of metal racks. While these racks make everything easily accessible, they block air from circulating throughout the warehouse. Even if you have a central heating system, it can’t get in between the rows, making the ambient temperature colder. Area heaters can solve this problem quickly.

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