Indirect Fired heaters are powerful, industrial-grade heaters. They can heat a large space quickly, but without the fumes, you get with a direct-fired heater.

We rent Campo Blaze Turbo heaters capable of up to 588,000 BTUs and 2,500 CFM of airflow. That means you get more heat in less time.

Let us know your needs. We’ll deliver a heater that does the job, with on-site delivery and setup.

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Indirect Fired Heaters

What Is an Indirect Fired Heater?

An indirect fire heater is similar to the gas or oil-burning furnace you have in your home. The heater is powered by fuel that heats a stainless steel heat exchanger. The heat exchanger warms the air that flows into the space you are heating.

Since the fuel never comes into direct contact with the airflow, indirect fired heaters are odorless and free of dangerous fumes. That means you get clean, dry and warm air where you need it.

Our units operate off of natural gas, propane and diesel fuel.

We install the indirect fired heaters outside of your facility and then run ducts into your space to handle the airflow into and out of the unit. Our ducts can run up to 150 feet.

A kink in a duct can reduce the effectiveness of your heater, and it can cause the unit to overheat. Our Campo heaters are known for their high-quality ducts, which means you get better, more reliable heating.

Indirect fired heaters are a great choice for heating large spaces, such as warehouses, factories and construction sites.

Besides keeping people warm, these heaters have industrial and commercial heating and drying applications. They can be used in food processing to dry grains, dairy products or other foodstuffs. They can be used in construction/manufacturing to speed paint drying and concrete curing.

Since they are capable of a heat rise of 240o F, the heaters can be used in chemical production or any industrial process that needs a jet of hot air.

Campo Indirect Fired Heaters

Campo Equipment logoWe rent Campo 400D and 600D Blaze Turbo indirect fired heaters. These units move air quickly, which means more warm air in less time.

The Campo Blaze 400D Turbo offers up to 396,000 BTUs and 5,500 CFM airflow.

The Campo Blaze 600D Turbo offers up to 588,000 BTUs and 6,500 CFM airflow.

Both units require just 11.5 amps, meaning they won’t cause problems with your electrical system.

These units come on wheels, making them easy to get on-site and place where you need them. Our team will handle all the setup for you.

Campo Equipment is known for its innovative designs and high reliability. Their Blaze Turbo line is compact, rugged and mobile. With a 42-gallon fuel tank, these units can operate for long periods of time.

Best of all, these Campo heaters feature whisper-quiet operation.