Maintaining both safety and efficiency in any industrial site is a complex matter, and keeping your operations up to code and within regulations is a difficult task. Your workers need a comfortable working environment regardless of the climate conditions, and your products need to be manufactured and stored in temperature and humidity stable environments. As the cold weather sets in each year, your existing heating system may not be able to keep up with the weather, creating labor and inventory losses.

Don’t let inclement weather and winter cold affect your business. Preferred Climate Solutions provides portable heaters that can maintain constant temperature in any workspace or storage area.

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Indirect Fired Heaters

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Why Use Preferred Climate Solutions For Your Industrial Heating Needs?

Emergency and same day industrial heating services are critical for industrial workplaces with the following needs:

  • Access To Water

Cold temperatures over extended time periods can cause pipes to freeze solid. This problem is especially prevalent in Panhandle, West Texas, and other regions of the state where the temperature frequently drops below freezing. Portable industrial heaters can thaw your pipes out quickly and have your production lines back to work fast.

  • Humidity Control

Industrial products and sensitive equipment have to be kept in dry conditions to avoid spoilage and malfunctions. Portable heaters and dehumidifiers make it easy to maintain a warm and dry environment no matter what the prevailing weather is outside.

  • Controlling and Eliminating Mold

Once mold starts to infest storage or workspace, it can be very difficult to eliminate it completely. Keeping these spaces warm and dry with portable industrial heaters and dehumidifiers makes it easy to prevent mold accumulation or mitigate its growth in areas where spores have started to spread.

  • Concentrated Heating

Many industrial processes require ingredients to be maintained at high temperature during manufacturing. Our industrial heaters can be configured for close concentrated heating to simplify this process and ensure the best possible quality assurance for you and your clients.

Our Equipment

The portable heater and dehumidifier products we use include the following:

Chromalox Electric Heaters

  1. Multiple sizes to heat and dehumidify any storage area or workspace
  2. DRA15 Salamander (51,000 BTUs) 
  3. DRA30 (102,000 BTUs)
  4. SDRA60 (204,000 BTUs) 

Mosebach HX60

  1. Electric heater, 205,000 BTU capacity

Cambo Blaze Indirect Fire Heaters

Multiple to handle any space or purpose

  1. 200D Turbo (175,000 BTUs)
  2. 400D Turbo (396.000 BTUs)
  3. 600D Turbo  (588,000 BTUs)

For more information on heating, drying and industrial climate control rentals in Texas, contact Preferred Climate Solutions Today.