Portable Heat Pumps deliver about 3 times more heat per unit of electricity than other electric heaters, and they’re the safest of all heaters since they eliminate fire danger. Our rental units plug into regular electrical outlets.

Despite the name, heat pumps are not just for heating. They are a fairly recent technology using air conditioning systems to produce both cooling and heating. A portable heat pump looks like a Spot Cooler, but it will also deliver heat, at the touch of a remote switch or a thermostat.

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Because the unit serves two purposes in one manufactured unit, the cost of a portable heat pump is highly affordable and offers a custom climate without having to deal with two separate pieces of equipment.

We deliver and set up, and we can supply generators if electricity is a problem!

Our Heat Pumps

WPH-4000 Heat Pump – temperature range: 54-113 Degrees F.

The WPH-400 is a dual-purpose spot cooling and heating unit that plugs into a regular outlet on a 20 amp circuit breaker.


  • Heating: 18,500 Btu/hour (typically enough for a 400 to 600 square foot room or space).
  • Cooling: delivers 16,800 Btu/hour of spot cooling.
  • It comes with an easy replacement grill for the cold-air nozzles, for less directed airflow if heat is the primary requirement.
  • On sturdy casters for repositioning.
  • The unit will self-restart in the event of a power outage.
  • This equipment is known for its mission-critical performance and rugged durability.

Where & When to Use a Portable Heat Pump

Our portable heat pumps run on regular electricity and are easily deployed. They serve well as supplemental, temporary or emergency heating and cooling except in extreme temperatures.
In seasons or climates with hot days and cool nights, heat pumps are a great choice for climate control, as are temporary events or locations such as a marquee tent. Renovation or construction planned maintenance or failure of the main HVAC system, or during a sudden cold snap or heatwave in a relatively temperate zone – these all benefit from a portable heat pump system.

Larger buildings such as office, retail, manufacturing and storage spaces often have cold or warm spots –that benefit from additional heating and cooling – especially useful for workers with different comfort preferences from the rest of the floor, or who stay to work outside of the main HVAC cycle.

Schools, hospitals, lobbies, conference areas, restaurants are prime candidates for portable heat pumps. Outbuildings, guest apartments and garages, or rooms in a home that require heating and cooling without changing the settings for the whole building – all of these uses can save money and keep people comfortable.