How To Beat The Heat At Outdoor Summer Corporate Events?


9 Aug
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As summer rolls in, the heat makes planning outdoor corporate events increasingly challenging. It’s a common struggle for companies to manage high temperatures and still maintain guests’ comfort at these fun-filled gatherings.

In this article, we share strategies to beat the heat that range from an outdoor air conditioner rental, to choosing an ideal venue to ensure proper hydrationx and employing cool-down tactics.

Continue reading our guide for guaranteed ways to make your next outdoor summer event enjoyable despite the scorching sun!

Top Considerations for Outdoor Summer Corporate Events

Choosing a suitable venue that has event air conditioning and making smart food and beverage choices are crucial for outdoor summer corporate events.

Choosing a Suitable Venue

Selecting an appropriate location is the cornerstone of any successful outdoor summer corporate event. The venue sets the tone for your event and directly impacts attendees’ comfort and engagement levels.

Size, accessibility, and atmosphere are crucial considerations in this process. For example, a large spacious location will allow guests to move around freely without feeling cramped or overheated. Outdoor electricity access can allow for an outdoor air conditioning rental to be included.

A scenic setting can lend an air of relaxation and enjoyment while providing a stunning backdrop for photos. Furthermore, ensuring enough shade available – whether naturally through trees or artificially using tents – helps keep guests cool during hot summer days.

Lastly, poring over venue reviews can offer invaluable insights into their suitability for hosting your particular event type while factoring in all relevant criteria, such as catering options, facilities adequacy, and technical requirements.

Thus, choosing a suitable venue requires strategic planning to ensure maximum attendee satisfaction at your outdoor summer corporate event.

Making Smart Food and Beverage Choices

Keeping the summer weather in mind, making wise food and beverage choices is key for outdoor corporate gatherings.

  1. Sticking to light and refreshing menu items can help guests feel more comfortable despite the heat.
  2. Grilled vegetables, salads, and fruit platters are great summer-friendly foods.
  3. Opting for ice – cream or sorbet instead of heavy desserts can be an excellent choice to keep everyone refreshed.
  4. To meet hydration needs, serving various non-alcoholic drinks like water, iced tea, lemonade, and fresh juices is advisable.
  5. Alcoholic beverages should ideally be served chilled; consider renting insulated drink dispensers or coolers for this purpose.
  6. Plenty of ice is also vital. It not only cools down drinks but also helps maintain their temperature over time.
  7. For venues in hotter locations, consider providing sports drinks that replenish electrolytes lost through sweating.

Ensuring Proper Hydration

Ensuring proper hydration is a critical factor for outdoor summer corporate events. As advised by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, guests should be encouraged to drink 1 cup of water every 15-20 minutes during activities, which can help prevent dehydration and reduce the risk of heat-related issues.

Event organizers can amplify this effort by setting up hydration stations around the venue close to a portable AC unit outdoors, with plenty of accessible water supply. Infused water stations could offer an appealing twist on staying hydrated, adding flavor to simple H2O and making it more enticing for attendees to refill their glasses.

Also, knowledge about signs of dehydration should be shared among participants, along with advice on checking urine color for any unusual changes. Guests should know to use an event air conditioning rental whenever possible, whether indoors or at the event near a portable outdoor air conditioner.

Lastly, guides advising against the consumption of alcohol, sugary drinks, or caffeine – all known contributors to fluid loss – are crucial in sustaining hydration levels at these sun-soaked gatherings.

Ways to Keep Cool at Outdoor Summer Corporate Events

  • Use personal cooling devices such as portable neck fans or battery-powered fans to stay cool in the summer heat.
  • Carry water bottles with misting capabilities to provide a refreshing spritz whenever needed.
  • Ensure there are designated cooling areas with umbrellas, portable outdoor AC, or shaded seating for guests to take a break from the sun.

Tips for Event Organizers

Event organizers can beat the heat with a portable outdoor air conditioner rental. By renting an outdoor portable AC, guests can stay cool no matter where they are. Discover more ways to keep guests cool at outdoor summer corporate events.

Portable AC for Outdoor Events

Cooling your event with an air conditioning rental is both affordable and forward-thinking. Pairing water stations with a portable AC outdoors or multiple portable outdoor air conditioning units can make corners of your event an oasis from the heat.

When overcoming the heat at outdoor summer corporate events, a portable outdoor AC rental emerges as a savvy choice. Outdoor AC rentals are a powerful tool to maintain a comfortable environment, ensuring that attendees remain refreshed throughout the event.

Using Plenty of Ice for Drinks

Using plenty of ice for drinks is crucial in beating the heat at outdoor summer corporate events. The hot weather increases guests’ thirst, making it essential to have a plentiful supply of chilled beverages.

Not only is an ample ice supply refreshing, but it also helps prevent dehydration and reduces the risk of heat-related issues like heat exhaustion.

When determining your catering budget, be sure to factor in the amount of ice needed for food preparation and to keep both food and cocktails cool for hours under the sun.

Event organizers can ensure that guests stay hydrated and enjoy thirst-quenching refreshments throughout the day by renting insulated drink dispensers or coolers and providing enough ice buckets or frozen gel packs.


Beating the heat at outdoor corporate events is crucial for ensuring guest comfort and enjoyment. By choosing a suitable venue for your event with a portable air conditioning rental, shaded areas, and incorporating cooling strategies like misters or fans, attendees can stay cool and refreshed throughout the event.

Proper hydration and smart food choices are also essential in combating the heat. With careful planning and consideration, companies can successfully host outdoor summer events that beat the heat and leave guests feeling satisfied.

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