How to Cool Down an Apartment Without Windows

11 Aug
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It’s summertime and it’s hot outside. If it’s hot outside, then chances are, it’s hot inside, too. 

If your apartment doesn’t have air conditioning installed, then you may be sweating your days away and counting the moments until summer ends, instead of enjoying it. 

Although almost every apartment has windows, sometimes they are very small, or they are impossible to open. If you don’t have numerous or large enough windows, you can’t install a window air conditioning unit yourself, either. When your windows won’t open, you can’t let in a cool breeze.

If you are reading this article while sitting in your hot and steamy apartment, unable to do anything but scroll through the internet while you boil, read on. Below you will find some simple hacks for staying cool in an apartment with no windows, including some rental solutions that you may not have considered before.

How to Cool Down an Apartment Without Windows

There are several things you can do to cool down an apartment without windows. 

In the heat of the summer, you can stay cool in your apartment and everywhere you go by wearing loose clothing and by drinking lots of ice-cold water. 

If you’re just sitting around suffering in the heat, you can freeze ice packs or fill hot water bottles with cold water and ice and keep them near you. Taking cold showers can be a big help too; many people take several per day during the warmest months to stay cool.

Avoiding the use of your oven or stove can help, too. Even having these appliances on for just a few minutes can raise the temperature in your home considerably. Choose foods that don’t need cooking or order out when you can.

Turning the lights off in your home can make you feel cooler. Although we don’t realize it, even our lamps give off heat. Further, keeping the lights off will help you to feel psychologically cooler as well. 

Cooling Technology

Of course, all these suggestions will cool down your apartment and the way you feel in it, especially when they are all used together.  But, it’s also possible to bypass all of that and still make sure your apartment gets cool and stays that way all day and all night.

There’s an easier way.

There are several machines you can rent to cool down your space. They are easy and safe to use, and you’ll be surprised about how efficient they are. These machines are affordable and adding one to your hot, sweaty, enclosed apartment will change everything for you almost immediately.

Each of these machines is a little different, so read on to find out more.

Rent a Spot Cooler

A spot cooler is just what it sounds like. It is a machine that exists to cool a spot or area. These deliver a cool jet of air to places that need cooling the most – like your face.

Spot coolers come in a wide variety of sizes and there is one that is just right for your living area.  They can cool an area as small as 200 square feet or as large as 2,100 square feet. You can have a spot cooler delivered to your place and a technician will set it up for you.

Rent a Portable Evaporative Cooler

You may be familiar with evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, but did you know that there are portable evaporative coolers that you can rent?

These coolers work quietly with no misting or sprays and can bring the temperature of an area down by as much as twenty degrees. They work with tap water and just a little electricity and don’t require much setup or ongoing power.

Like spot coolers, evaporative coolers come in a variety of sizes and can cool spaces from 1,000 to 5,000 square feet. 

Rent a Power Breezer Fan

Another option to cool your apartment without windows is a power breezer fan rental. These fans are self-contained and you can plug them into a regular outlet. They use no chemical coolants; they cool a space by just using water and air.

Power Breezer fans are small and can cool areas of up to 3,000 square feet. In some cases, they can lower the room temperature by as much as twenty-seven degrees.  

Happy Cooling

No matter what method you choose, you will be experiencing cooler temperatures in your apartment without windows soon. Whether you try the old standbys or take the leap and rent a cooling machine for your space, cool relief will make a big difference in your home, your apartment and your life. Stay cool!

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