How to Select The Right Portable Heat Pump

26 Nov
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How do you like your temperature? Hot or cold? We know Texas weather conditions and temperatures are always unpredictable. Extremely hot summer seasons that could cause a heat stroke to the sudden biting winter conditions.

You may have come to a point where your heating or cooling systems in your work might not be doing its job as well. One minute you and your staff could be sweating from the heat or feel your fingers going numb from the cold.

What if we told you that there is a system out there where you don’t need the hassle of having two separate units? An air conditioner and a heater all in one system. A portable heat pump. AC unit nor working? Heat pump. Heater not working? Heat pump.

Maybe a portable heat pump could be the solution. But first, we want to give you a little tour about portable heat pumps.

What is a portable heat pump

Don’t let the name fool you. Heat pumps are a fairly recent technology that uses air conditioning systems to produce both cooling and heating. Think of Spot cooler, but producing heat as well at the touch of a remote switch or thermostat.

Portable heat pumps are also known as reversible portable air conditioners. You can move it around from A to B. During the hot seasons, the heat pump takes the heat from inside your space and moves it outside. And during colder seasons, the process works in reverse. Even though it may be cold outside, there is still some heat in the air. The heat pump will pull this heat that’s outside in the air and bring it into your space. If the heat from the outside isn’t sufficient then the electric heater from the heat pump will supplement the outdoor air so your heating needs are met.

Where & when to use a portable heat pump

Heat pumps can serve well as supplemental, temporary, or emergency cooling or heating except in extreme weather conditions.

Seasons with hot days and cool nights are the perfect way to climate control using a heat pump. Temporary events or locations can also benefit from heat pumps. It’s all about climate control.

Failure of the main HVAC system, renovation, construction planned maintenance, or sudden cold snap or heatwave in a temperate zone can also benefit from a portable heat pump system.

Large buildings often have cold or warm spots. These buildings could be an office, retails, manufacturing and storage spaces. Heat pumps are useful for workers with different comfort preferences. Some might like it hot and some might like it cold.

Schools, hospitals, lobbies, conference areas, and restaurants are the top candidates for portable heat pumps. Outbuildings, guest apartments, garages, or rooms in homes that require heating and cooling without having to change the settings for the whole building is another great example of how heat pump systems can come in handy.

What are the benefits

Like many products you want to know if this is really something that you need. More thought goes into that decision especially for an industry or commercial spaces. Is this the right heating and cooling system solution for you? Here are some benefits of a portable heat pump:

  • Size
    • You can rent or buy portable heat pumps for your industrial or commercial spaces. They are also among the smallest heating and cooling systems. Most usually weigh significantly less than many portable air conditioning systems and will typically run on standard 120V AC power.
  • Installation
    • Installation has never been so easy. As long as there is a window or other exterior points, portable heat pumps can be installed anywhere. Really. Anywhere. Roll the heat pump to the window or access point, set up the exhaust hose, plug it in, and turn it on. You don’t even have to worry about temperature control. That control is available at the touch of a button.
  • Mobility
    • A lot of portable heating and cooling systems can be inconvenient and bulky. If an integrated generator or power supply isn’t installed, they require a heavy generator to keep them running. That’s a lot of extra weight. Portable heat pumps require less than what is mentioned. They have minimal power requirements and are lighter than other portable heaters or air conditioners. Along with the provision of both heating and cooling for small spaces. You can keep your area cool or warm with one single unit.
  • Convenience
    • Installing or renting an HVAC system can require more time. A heat pump, which has heating and cooling in one, makes it more convenient. Most portable heat pumps have underside-mounted casters. You can roll your heat pump to wherever they are needed. Another convenience, heat pumps can run on AC power or small generator powers in case of an emergency. Most importantly, heavy maintenance is not required and little storage space when not in use.
  • Energy efficiency
    • A portable heat pump uses significantly lower energy than running a heating and air conditioning separately. This means energy costs are lowered during extreme weather conditions, too.

How to choose the right heat pump for you

In the end, buying a portable heat pump would depend on whether it would work for your industrial or commercial space. Our advice? We recommend getting a heat pump that can be used in a smaller workspace. An office, or small workspace. Portable heat pumps could also be a supplement to your other cooling or heating systems.

Portable heat pumps are simple, convenient, and efficient. They are a 3-in1.

Preferred Climate Solutions

At Preferred Climate Solutions clients will be given the different selections of portable heat pumps. If you’re unsure about purchasing a portable heat pump, Preferred Climate Solutions rents out heat pumps at competitive rates. We have professional experts who can provide you with the expertise to direct you to the heat pumps that are suitable for you and if it is the best solution for your work space. Contact us today to get a consultation.

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