Keep Your Business in Business with Emergency Air Conditioner Rental

11 Sep
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Trying to conduct any sort of business without air conditioning is difficult, at best. It might technically be possible, but it makes everyone involved miserable and irritated, which can really have a negative impact on your business. In fact, studies have shown that workers who have to perform in less-than-optimal environmental settings are more irritable, prone to distraction and less likely to get their work completed to their manager’s satisfaction. To make matters worse, this irritability is often taken out on the customers, leading to further problems down the road. In a place like Texas, these problems are only magnified by the extreme heat.

Sometimes, your a/c problems are the result of a malfunction. Sometimes, they might be the result of poor planning at an outdoor event. Regardless of why you need the air conditioning, it’s important to know that there are options available. Even when it is a last-minute emergency, Preferred Climate Solutions is ready to help out by providing quality air conditioning rentals at a reasonable rate. Here are the types of air conditioning rental solutions we offer:

Spot Coolers

If you’re familiar with the idea of a space heater, then the spot cooler should make sense to you. Unlike most air conditioning, which is large and bulky and takes up massive amounts of space, spot coolers are smaller and more portable. These are excellent solutions for when you are trying to cool a smaller area or maybe even just one person. Simply direct the jet of cooler air to the place that needs it the most. Because they are portable you can even take them on the go if your immediate cooling needs change.

Don’t let the “small and portable” description fool you, however. Spot coolers come in all sizes, and if you need to cool a larger area – even up to 2,000 square feet or so – we have spot coolers that can handle the job, allowing the powerful force of cool air to work its way around the venue. Of course, once you start getting into even larger areas than that you might want to look at something else, but for quick, convenient, small-scale cooling, there’s nothing more convenient or affordable than a spot cooler from Preferred Climate Solutions!

Event A/C

If you are planning an outdoor event, most likely you’ve already taken air conditioning into consideration. However, even the best plans can change or fall through, and you might find yourself needing outdoor event air conditioning at the last minute. Thankfully, Preferred Climate Solutions has got you covered. We offer a variety of last-minute outdoor a/c options that not only fit your event style perfectly, but they also fit your budget.

Whether your event is in a larger, outdoor area that’s exposed, inside of a tent or even in a building like a warehouse that just doesn’t have adequate airflow, our outdoor event solutions are ready to make your event a success. 

Our options allow you to cater to the air conditioning to the event: need a smaller unit? We have units ready to go as small as 5-tons. If you need something larger, we can go as high as 25-tons. Even better – multiple units can be stacked, shipped and set up wherever you need them. All of these units deliver powerful cooling that you can easily control, ensuring that your guests always feel cool and comfortable, no matter what the temperature outside might be.

Evaporative Coolers

If these solutions sound great, but you are really worried about the inconveniences of traditional air conditioning such as the noise, the good news is that there are even more options. Evaporative coolers are another type of portable cooling option that works a little differently. Rather than relying on jets of cool air like a spot cooler, evaporative coolers work a little differently, but still with the same result: delivering cooler air to an area that desperately needs it.

Evaporative coolers are great because they provide a low-cost, quiet solution that you can’t just get from other types of air conditioning. Perfect for a hot barn, a line of guests waiting outside a venue or even a workshop, evaporative cooling’s versatility makes it a valuable addition to our line of emergency air conditioning rental solutions.

Power Breezer Fans

One final option is the power breeze fan. These fans use a self-contained water tank to deliver cooling that can be as low as 27 degrees less than the surrounding ambient air. If you’ve ever seen someone rig a cooling fan by putting a blower on top of a cooler, then you’ve seen the makings of a power breeze fan.

Power breeze fans are a popular choice for many people for a number of reasons. Not only do they provide fast-moving, cooler air to spaces as large as 3,000 square feet, they also do that while consuming less electricity than your standard a/c. In fact, some models use even less energy than a hairdryer! What’s more, power breeze fans do not contain any chemicals like Freon at all. Instead, the entire system is water-based, which means the only thing you’re feeling is pure, the natural mist that helps to cool you down.

As you can see, there are many ways you can beat the heat in the hot Texas sun, even if your air conditioning needs are a last-minute emergency. If you find yourself, your event or your venue in hot water – or air, as the case maybe – don’t suffer needlessly. Instead, contact us at Preferred Climate Solutions. We are ready to deliver fast, efficient, portable air conditioning whenever you need it.

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