Personal Spot Coolers vs. Commercial Spot Coolers – Which Are Better?

How spot cooler works

29 Apr
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Spot coolers are amazing appliances to help you stay cool inside of a garage, workshop, basement, or tented area outdoors. But the lines still might be unclear when it comes to whether or not you might need a commercial spot cooler or a personal spot cooler, because not all living and working conditions are similar with one another. Here are some things to consider when contemplating personal and commercial spot coolers.


What you need the spot cooler for should better clarify which kind of spot cooler you need. For personal spot coolers, you can use it to cool a bedroom, a sunroom or simply when you want to save money by not running an air conditioner in the home. Commercial spot coolers are ideal for cooling an office, a server room, for stores and restaurants and for garages for mechanics and other auto specialists.


Personal spot coolers run on 115-volt power, which is what you get from your average outlet. You basically just plug it in and turn it on with no additional steps to take. For commercial spot coolers, they typically come with greater power than personal coolers, but a dedicated circuit with a proper receptacle is necessary, so it needs a more complex power source in order to run aside from just plugging it into an outlet. You might need to have an electrician help you install a commercial spot cooler.


That moisture has to go somewhere, of course. For many commercial spot coolers, this moisture can travel through a hose and out of your window. For personal spot coolers, this moisture goes inside of a tank that you would need to empty from time to time, and depending on the size of the cooler, the tank also has a limit to how much water it can hold. Some commercial spot coolers, however, offer both forms of the exhaust. The hose is more ideal for people that do not want to worry about emptying the tank again and again.


Commercial spot coolers tend to last a very long time due to what they are made of: Insulated metal and reinforced ABS plastic. Drain pads are even made of stainless steel so that moisture doesn’t wear them out over time. For personal spot coolers, these are made of more affordable plastic. They will not last as long as commercial spot coolers, so in order to get the most out of them, ongoing care and maintenance are strongly recommended.


Due to the power, performance, and durability of a commercial spot cooler, these tend to cost much more money. Personal spot coolers are more affordable, in comparison, due to using simpler components and more affordable materials. It might make sense for some owners to choose personal spot coolers to save money, but then again, the performance of commercial spot coolers can make it well worth the investment.

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