Portable Air Conditioner – Low Cost Cooling Option for Server Rooms

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27 Oct
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The server room is the brain for any commercial space. From software developers to medical offices to retail stores, the server room’s operating efficiency determines the experience for employees and customers. They control point of sale equipment, communications technologies and any information system in general so the success of your business relies on its seamless operation.

Servers are high-powered pieces of equipment, often tightly packed in small storage spaces. In this setup, it is easy to see why server rooms can quickly heat up to over 100 degrees consistently. This high heat can have serious consequences for your server’s performance and subsequently your profits and expenses.

Servers and High Temperatures

Servers are being built to handle higher and higher heat as the technology improves. However, any hardware has a breaking point and while you may not have to worry about combustibility, consistent exposure to high heat can greatly shorten your server’s lifespan and potentially void the warranty. This can lead to significant yet otherwise avoidable costs.

At the very least, promoting air flow between the close knit servers in your arrangement is essential to lessen the effects of heat where it is most prevalent. For optimal performance, air conditioning is absolutely essential, especially if the server room is prone to high heat and temperature fluctuations.

Portable A/C Solutions for Server Rooms

Creating your own server room allows for hands-on control and security of your systems and customizability if your business needs change. Unfortunately, servers need a controlled climate, with low humidity and a temperature around 70 degrees.

On-site server rooms are often reappropriated storage spaces or underused rooms that may be prone to high heat, humidity or fluctuating temperatures. All of these factors contribute to slowed performance and hardware malfunctions.

Finding an affordable and effective cooling solution for your server room can be a challenge. Fans and evaporative coolers require little setup and provide cooling with relatively low electrical costs. However, fans are limited in cooling capabilities and neither option has the responsiveness to temperature changes.

Spot Cooling Server Rooms: A Single Source Approach

Servers need to stay within a certain temperature range — not too hot, not too cold. Dynamic temperature modulation and automatic shut-off features of A/C units make them the best climate-control solution for server rooms of all sizes.

Using central air as the only source of cooling can add significantly to your utility bill. Many of the spaces that businesses use for server rooms are also poorly ventilated, a necessity for proper A/C function. In these situations, portable air conditioning is the best option.

Our portable air conditioner units, or “spot coolers,” deliver cold air in small spaces to keep costs low. Server rooms can vary greatly in size according to the organization’s needs and capabilities. We carry spot coolers that work in areas as small as 200 square feet or spaces up to 2,100 square feet.

The Efficiency of Spot Coolers

Spot coolers deliver on three levels to solve common issues in server rooms — temperature control, humidity reduction and installation versatility. When it comes to temperature control, the digital control panel allows you to set the temperature and blower speed. The A/C will then work automatically to keep the climate within your defined range.

The humidity demands of server rooms are also addressed with portable air conditioners. Server rooms need to work within a relative humidity below 60 percent to avoid corrosion and equipment failure. As spot coolers circulate air, it removes moisture, helping control the humidity levels.

Finding a cooling solution for an enclosed space that lacks vents can be tricky but portable air conditioners allow venting through windows or through makeshift ports in the ceiling. In many commercial spaces, ceiling tiles are removable and replaceable, making it easy to set up a port in a windowless room. Beyond venting, all that is needed is a 120 volt power source (standard wall plug) and you will be up and running.

Backup Measures: Spot Coolers as a Secondary Source

Even if you do have ample air conditioning in your server room, using a spot cooler as a backup is a good idea. Servers contain critical information and control the function of the most important systems needed to run a commercial operation. If your central air or other primary cooling source fails, server performance will suffer and put your business at a disadvantage.

Having a portable air conditioner on-hand can keep your operation running smoothly in the event of central air failure. The built-in thermostat can recognize when the temperature rises above the preset temperature and turn on to maintain it in case the primary source fails. This is an extremely low-cost solution because the A/C will only draw power when in use.

Portable air conditioners make a lot of sense as an emergency cooling solution for server rooms but keeping one on hand as a regular backup may also save you money. Server rooms still need to be controlled even in idle states, including weekends or holidays when the building is closed. Central air cools the entire building and using its entire function for the specific purpose of cooling one room means wasted energy and subsequent dollars. Having a backup portable air conditioner lets you turn it on during these downtimes and save money on your utility costs.

Versatile Air Conditioning Rentals to Fit Your Space and Your Budget

Server rooms are one of the most critical elements to keeping your business functioning, profitable and enjoyable for employees, customers and stakeholders. At Preferred Climate Solutions, we believe in maximizing value by providing air conditioning rentals perfectly suited for your unique needs at an affordable price.

We understand that emergencies happen in an instant and need resolution immediately to save your equipment and your business. That is why we offer 24/7 service with delivery and setup — so we can be as responsive as possible in getting you back up and running with a portable air conditioner.

Texas heat does not take much time to cause damage and discomfort. If you run a server room of any size, contact us today to see how our solutions can get you the cooling you need at a price you will love.

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