Should You Buy or Rent a Heater for Your Place?

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30 Mar
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Having a heater for your place is essential. Whether you buy or rent a heater depends on a variety of circumstances. Some heaters can be quite expensive, so it’s vital to think about your options before you make a final decision.

Here are a few tips to help you decide or you should buy or rent a heater for your place.

Is the heater for a permanent or temporary residence? 

Do you rent an apartment, or do you pay a mortgage on a home or condo that you have purchased? Whether you own or rent your place will help you decide on renting or buying a heater. If the place you’re living in right now is only temporary, then renting a heater is your best bet. You will save money, and when you move, you don’t have to worry about lugging the heater with you. You can simply return the heater to the heater rental company.

If you live in a more permanent location, buying a heater will be better for you. If you intend on living in your home or condo for many years to come, you should invest in a heater that will make your living space more comfortable and livable.

How large is the space you need the heater for? 

Do you need a heater for your entire house or just for a small room? In the long run, it is better to invest your money and purchase a large heater for your home. Renting a heater for your home will cost you a lot of money in the long term and just isn’t sustainable – your electricity bill will be through the roof!

If you only need a heater for a small room, renting may be the better option because it will most likely save you some money. A small heater for a small room isn’t something that is going to cost you lots of money.

Do you need the heater because of an emergency? 

In an emergency, a heater rental is your best bet. A local rental company will be able to bring you the heater right away, which will make the situation less dire. For example, if you have your family over for a visit and your heater has stopped working, you should go ahead and rent a heater right away. You will save time and money, and your family will be very happy. In any emergency, renting a heater will be quick, simple, and of course cheaper than buying a brand-new one.

Renting a heater will always be quicker than buying one, because you may have to wait for a brand-new one to be delivered to you. While this convenience factor is important, make sure you have the budget to rent a heater. Because most of these rental heaters must be plugged into an outlet, they use a lot of electricity and may make your bills a little higher than usual.

Is your current heater broken, or just needs repairs? 

If your current heater has broken suddenly, you shouldn’t immediately go buy a brand-new one. You should find out if your heater can be repaired and decide if fixing the heater is worth it. While you’re figuring that out, it’s a good idea to rent a heater in the meantime. Your house, apartment or whatever location that is currently without a heater will need an immediate solution.

If you decide that it’s not worth it to repair your current heater, you’ll eventually need to purchase a new one. Until then, you can continue to rent a heater at your convenience. The new heater you decide to purchase may be coming in the mail via delivery or may take a few days for the heater company to come to install it. Heater rentals are great for times like those.

Does your landlord allow heaters? 

If you live in an apartment building, there is a chance that your landlord may prohibit some types of heaters. Some space heaters can be dangerous and your landlord may be concerned about a potential fire. Before you rent or buy a heater, you should speak to your landlord first to make sure they are allowed in your apartment building. This is especially important if you are buying a heater because you don’t want to waste a lot of money on something you won’t even be able to use.

Does the Current Weather Affect Your Decision? 

If it is currently summertime, you may not need to worry about buying or renting a heater right now. If your heater is broken and you know you will need a new one for the upcoming cold weather, you can use this interim of time to save some money. Buying a heater can be pretty expensive and renting one can be expensive if you rent for a long period of time. Whether you decide to buy or rent, you can use the summertime to save money so you can get the perfect heater for your home or apartment.

Overall Safety 

If you decide to rent a heater, you will need to think about the overall safety of the people you live with. Do you have young children? If so, you will need to be extra careful with a space heater. While some space heaters are battery-powered, there are some that you need to plug into an outlet to use. These can be hazardous for young children, so choose which space heater you rent wisely.

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