Simple Tips for Longer Lasting Portable Air Conditioning Units

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25 Sep
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A portable AC works just like the air conditioner in your home. The air cools as it runs over coils containing a chilled refrigerant. Just like your home AC needs proper tender loving care, so does your portable AC. There is so much you can do to keep these units running optimally in the best possible condition.

Location, location, location

Location matters. Where you put your spot cooler will dictate how efficiently it operates. While our portable air conditioners are very efficient and versatile, there is a lot you can do regarding the placement to optimize efficiency. Don’t place the unit in direct sunlight next to a hot window. This will cause the machine to work on overtime and use more energy. Try not to place the unit next to large electronics that give off heat. However, we do deploy many of these units to cool expensive equipment in jeopardy of overheating. The energy cost you pay pales in comparison to your replacement cost for the other equipment.

Optimally, these units need to be placed in a shaded area away from large electronics. Ideally, they need to be in a clean, dry area free of debris in the air and near an area where they can be vented to the outside.

The units all pull moisture out of the air, but ideally, you want to use them in as low a humidity environment as possible. The higher the humidity level, the more condensation the unit will create which in turn increases the frequency at which the condensation receptacle must be drained.

Fortunately, all of our units are easy to maintain, portable and easy to move. They roll right into place and plug into a standard electrical outlet. All of our coolers have digital controls that make it easy to set the temperature and blower speed, and most units come with remote control.

Proper setup and maintenance

It is very important to ensure that your spot cooler will have access to a 120VAC power source for optimal operation of the compressor and motor fans. Without the proper electrical settings, the unit could blow a fuse or short out, so plan ahead.

All AC units have filters that collect dirt and debris to keep it out of the unit. Our sports coolers are easy to maintain. Filters are accessible on the outside of the units. Once a month, you need to wipe it down with a cloth. There is no soap required. It’s easy and will keep the unit humming along. Failure to clean the filters means that dirt starts to mix with moisture inside the unit. This can then cake onto the coils and prevent heat from venting. The unit will eventually overheat.

Keep in mind that a portable AC runs just like your home AC. The refrigerant is then run to a compressor, which compresses it to a hot liquid inside a coil. A fan blows over the hot coil to exhaust warm air. The refrigerant is then decompressed, which chills its temperature again and allows it to cool your room. In your home, the compressor is placed outside the house. In a spot cooler, the compressor is inside the spot cooler itself and the warm air is discharged through a tube or duct. The duct can be run outside of the building, or in many cases, it can vent into a drop ceiling to get the warm air out of your room. As the spot cooler chills the air, it will also remove moisture from it.

Many units also have carbon filters which reduce odors caused by mold and mildew. We recommend the carbon filter be changed at least twice per year. Preferred Climate Solutions offers full maintenance of all of our units. We will come out and service your rental AC to ensure proper operation.


Regardless of the type of portable AC unit you use, ventilation is key to ensuring optimal cooling. With these units, the hot air generated from the compressor needs to be vented out of the room to prevent the unit from overheating. You also don’t want that extra heat building up inside the room you are trying to cool. Our units come with a window ventilation kit that fits standard-sized windows.

Our team will deliver the unit and get the exhaust hose and window kit properly installed to keep your portable AC properly ventilated.

Proper storage 

Many of our customers only use portable spot coolers in the hot Texas months. During the offseason, we properly store and service our units so they are ready for you whenever you need them, 24/7 anywhere in Texas.

We ensure that all of the moisture in the units is drained and the unit is dried. We actually run the units on the high-speed fan-only option for several hours before storage, to ensure all moisture is gone, thus eliminating any mold or mildew growth while the unit is sitting idle. We store all our units in our cool, dry climate-controlled facility and we cover them with a protective cover to ensure they remain dust and debris-free during storage. They’ll be ready when you need them, and we offer fast delivery and on-site setup.

Rent a spot cooler today, and let us take on this responsibility for you. You won’t have to worry about any of these maintenance tips or about making repairs. You can focus on your business while we keep your portable AC running smoothly and efficiently. You will always have a working and well-maintained spot cooler when you need it and where you need it. When you are finished with it, we will come get it and properly store it until you need it next.

Perhaps you need a larger unit. We will come swap out your units as your needs change. Give at Preferred Climate Solutions a call today. We will help you identify the best spot cooler for your situation and provide you one (or more) from our large selection.

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